In the News

Lessons learned from a doctor's death

Lucy Kalanithi, MD, FACP, spoke about the death of her husband, a neurosurgeon who contracted stage 4 lung cancer and wrote a best-selling memoir.

What works well for weight loss

Obesity has become exciting for the clinicians who treat this patient population.

Just enough, but not too much, antibiotics for CAP patients

Prudent approaches to treating community-acquired pneumonia in the hospital include achievable goals, such as using the lowest number and spectrum of antibiotics and shortening treatment durations.

Bathtubs, sacred cows, and high-value care in the hospital

Moving patients efficiently through the hospital, or ideally keeping them out entirely, should be a major focus for internists and hospitalists.

How to identify heart failure in the hospital

About 80% of the time, a good history and physical can diagnose a patient with true heart failure.

DynaMed Plus™ free access extended to the end of December 2017 for ACP members

ACP members will continue to have free access to DynaMed Plus™ through Dec. 31, 2017.

ACP says it's time for Congress to craft real solutions for U.S. health care system

ACP is advocating for legislation that covers more people; maintains and builds upon existing requirements that insurers and Medicare cover essential benefits; lowers deductibles; makes premiums more affordable; and preserves the existing federal commitment to Medicaid.

Internists discuss the Quality Payment Program, share implementation experiences

Consolidating Medicare's quality reporting programs into a single program should make reporting less cumbersome and complicated, but it can be extremely difficult to implement a new system in practice.

Annual Business Meeting to be held today

A key feature of the meeting is the presentation of ACP's priorities for 2017-2018 by Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Darilyn V. Moyer, MD, FACP. Members will have the opportunity to ask questions following Dr. Moyer's presentation.