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Relax, kick off your shoes, and examine common foot disorders

Common foot problems can be easy to diagnose and manage.

Do's and don'ts of imaging for shoulder, knee injuries

Ordering the appropriate diagnostic tests for patients with sports injuries is key to getting them back on the exercise track.

Backing off breast exams

Evidence doesn't support regular breast exams, either self-exams by patients or clinical ones by physicians.

Haze of uncertainty clouds e-cigarettes' effects

There's smoke but no fire when it comes to determining the value and risks of e-cigarettes.

High-value management of patients with chronic diarrhea

Internists can apply several high-value treatments to give patients relief from chronic diarrhea.

Internists say patient care needs to come before paperwork

ACP has led a national effort to address the issue of physician burnout, especially as it relates to administrative hassles, and to promote physician wellness and satisfaction.

New tool helps internists prepare for the Quality Payment Program

A tool, free to ACP members, helps physicians prepare for the Quality Payment Program based on an individual practice's characteristics, quality measurement experience, and quality improvement activities.

Diabetes, osteoporosis, and low testosterone considered

An upcoming talk at Internal Medicine Meeting 2017 seeks to help internists understand common endocrine conditions that have seen advances in therapies or care.