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Shingles may increase risk of heart attack, stroke

Physicians should inform patients of the risk, as risks of both stroke and heart attack were highest the first year after the onset of shingles and decreased with time.

Use of PPIs associated with higher risk of death than use of H2 blockers

Study results should not deter prescription and use of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) where medically indicated, but rather emphasize the need to be judicious about use of PPIs and duration of therapy, the authors said.

MKSAP Quiz: follow-up evaluation for colon cancer

A 58-year-old man undergoes follow-up evaluation for cancer of the ascending colon diagnosed 3 weeks ago. Right hemicolectomy was performed. The pathology report showed a 4-cm primary adenocarcinoma with clear margins at resection, full-thickness penetration through the colonic wall into pericolonic fat, and 4/21 lymph nodes involved (stage III). Examination of the abdomen shows well-healed surgical scars but is otherwise normal. What is the most appropriate management?

Persistent asthma patients may benefit from add-on oral azithromycin

Azithromycin might be a useful add-on therapy in persistent asthma given the major impact of exacerbations and the ongoing risk posed by these events in patients who remain symptomatic despite taking medications.

Recurrent C. difficile infections more than doubled between 2001 and 2012

Risk factors for recurrence include age; sex; and use of antibiotics, proton pump inhibitors, or corticosteroids. These factors could adjust treatment algorithms for high-risk patients, including earlier use of fecal transplant.

Annals of Internal Medicine marks 90th anniversary

Annals of Internal Medicine celebrates its 90th anniversary starting with a letter to mark the event.

And the winner is …

ACP Internist Weekly has tallied the voting from its latest cartoon contest, where readers are invited to match wits against their peers to provide the most original and amusing caption.