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Integrate mental health into medical practice

Partnerships between internists and mental health professionals are rare but proving their worth. ... The medical and mental health clinicians then join forces to accomplish goals of care.
April 2011

A new day for mental health parity

health parity-- coverage for mental health equal to that of physical health (a flawed definition, I realize, because it implies the two are discrete). ... for Medicare patients' mental health services to 20%-- the current copay for physical services.
June 2019

Mental health needs integration into the primary care setting

These findings support the conclusion that there should be strong integration of medical and mental health care. ... Public mental health clients die 25 years earlier than the average life expectancy.
June 2019

QD: News Every Day--Baby boomers face care shortage for mental health, substance abuse issues

QD: News Every Day--Baby boomers face care shortage for mental health, substance abuse issues. ... of services, and training clinicians and other health professionals to recognize signs and symptoms of geriatric mental health conditions, neglect, and
June 2019

A lesson on mental illness care: connecting two tragedies

I was, however, increasingly concerned about his psychological health and referred him to another psychiatrist. ... In the meantime, I remain highly skeptical that improved mental health care alone, without restricting access to firearms will be enough
June 2019

QD: News Every Day

In case you missed it:. Mental health issues affect 1 in 4 Americans, 1 in 17 severely. ... Fifty-nine percent of U.S. mental health drug prescriptions are written by family doctors, reports Researchers from Thomson Reuters and the U.S.
June 2019


The psychiatry team has given their recommendations for the mental health parts.
June 2019

One physician's journey to direct primary care, a burnout tale

The fourth aim involves health care workers health, especially mental health. ... As he writes:. Improving the care of individual patients, bettering the health of populations, and lowering health care expenses—that covers everything, right?
June 2019

QD: News Every Day--Congress was close to passing health care reform

He suggested starting the whole process over. (The Hill, Politico). Mental health care. ... Mental health parity regulations released by the federal government will take effect July 1.
June 2019

When health care workers strike

When health care workers strike. In a relatively unusual development, mental health professionals who work for Kaiser Permanente in California went on strike. ... At issue is the demand for mental health services, and the perception by the employees that
June 2019

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