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Army physicians on the front line of infectious disease research | ACP Internist

Walter Reed's infectious disease unit travels the globe to identify and combat the world's deadliest infectious diseases. Driven to find vaccines that protect troops stationed overseas, the work quickly benefits civilian populations, too.
February 2010

QD: News Every Day--Infectious disease specialists state case for seeing one sooner : ACP Internist

Hospitalized patients with severe infections such as meningitis and Clostridium difficile ( C. diff. ) are significantly less likely to die...
April 2019

Are there too many infectious disease specialists? : ACP Internist

As infectious disease (ID) fellowship interview season begins, there have been some interesting posts on the program directors' list serve. ...
April 2019

The smoldering dumpster for The Match and infectious disease : ACP Internist

I'm a bit delayed this year in commenting upon the ID Match results—go here for our prior posts on this topic (and the broader issues affec...
April 2019

The real reason infectious disease docs are the lowest paid physicians : ACP Internist

In keeping with our annual tradition, Dan recently posted on the declining interest in ID fellowship slots filled through the match. Re-rea...
April 2019

Infectious tidbits : ACP Internist

More hot stuff in infectious disease, this time from Bennett Lorber, MD. Dr. Lorber reviewed an array of recent research yesterday at IDSA. ...
April 2019

Donning and doffing : ACP Internist

Many have spent the last month or so preparing for possible patients with Ebola (PPE). I had the opportunity to review the tremendous amount...
April 2019

If you don't bill for it multidrug-resistant organisms, they don't exist : ACP Internist

Fact 1: Infectious Disease specialists are among lowest paid physicians in the U.S. Fact 2: Many infectious diseases, including health care...
April 2019

Influenza featured at infectious disease meeting | ACP Internist

A summary of approvals, recalls, warnings and alerts digested by ACP Internist from the Food and Drug Administration's alerts.
January 2010

QD: News Every Day--NQF endorses 14 infectious disease quality measures : ACP Internist

The National Quality Forum (NQF) endorsed 14 infectious disease quality measures, addressing issues such as appropriate treatment for upper ...
April 2019

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