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Hints for preventive care in inflammatory bowel disease | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

Age-appropriate, up-to-date vaccination is key. Preventive care for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) starts with “IBD HINTS,” according to CDR Manish Singla, MD, FACP, USN.
April 2019

Preventive care and personal responsibility

Preventive care and personal responsibility. A man I had not met came to my office prepared for one of life's most joyful pursuits, a screening colonoscopy. ... While I agreed with her that his primary care physician should have made a timely
May 2019

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

Committee. ACP's Performance Measurement Committee has released an analysis of 28 performance measures for preventive care identified from the websites of the National Quality Forum (NQF) and the CMS Quality ... Implementing Optimal Team-Based Care to
October 2018

Patient handout for offering advance directives

Patient handout for offering advance directives. One of the big changes recently in my practice has been the addition of preventive care visits for Medicare patients (more on this later). ... Advance Directives: Living Wills and Health Care Power of
May 2019

QD: News Every Day--Better preventive care alone may not control Medicare costs

QD: News Every Day--Better preventive care alone may not control Medicare costs. ... Better preventive care may not be enough to control costs in Medicare patients, according to a new study.
May 2019

Confirming our suspicions

First, the good news.the study found that the newly available, affordable coverage reduced the ranks of the uninsured by half, bumped up the use of preventive care, and did not ... BUT, the article says, "Undercutting the positive trends for
May 2019

Saving health and money

Saving health and money. Last month, I asked for some data on the cost-effectiveness of preventive care.
May 2019

Boomers 2011

Every year I see him once or at most twice for a physical and preventive care. ... of an active primary care physician, and offers behind-the-scenes portraits of hospital sanctums and the people that inhabit them.
May 2019

Affordable, accessible, universal care for goodness’ sake

Such are the implications of covering emergency medical care for all, without covering preventive care. ... Preventive care, from cancer screening to immunization, is to medicine what surveillance, treaties, NATO, the United Nations, and intelligence
May 2019

The best-laid (follow-up) plans

Ironically, it's usually the healthiest people (i.e. those least in need of medical care) who report for annual physicals. ... Absolutely. It's a great chance to catch up with your patients and discuss new health issues that arise, take advantage of
May 2019

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