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USPSTF pushes back on hepatitis C virus mass screening

USPSTF pushes back on hepatitis C virus mass screening. I spend a lot of my time reading, thinking and writing about politics and medicine. ... Some time ago, an associate admonished me to avoid dialogue concerning religion or politics, two of my staple
September 2019

The politics of health care

But politics and medicine have overlapped in other ways, too. Legislatures in several states have introduced or passed laws attempting to dictate, at least in part, the way doctors practice. ... In our cover story, Charlotte Huff talks to physicians,
January 2012

Combating burnout

It is interesting that the study showed the highest rates of burn-out in the "front line" professions, such as family medicine, internal medicine, and emergency medicine. ... 8. Politics and medicine. I've already said enough on this issue.
September 2019

Lawmakers try to ‘script’ what doctors say

s Board of Regents and is a clinical associate professor of medicine at Brown University in Providence, R.I. ... It's not likely that the tug of war between legislation and medicine will end any time soon.
January 2012

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