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ACP Internist

Medical judgment is a murky issue and often creates controversies in patient care. ... Should the ibuprofen be stopped if the patient states he has significant pain without it?
July 2019

Is it bad patient behavior or poor doctor-patient communication?

Here's an anecdotal experience describe by a physician comment on my last blog post: "I agree that doctor-patient communication is critically important. ... REFERENCES:. Carroll, J., et al. "Clinician-Patient Communication about Physical Activity in an
July 2019

What do patients want?

Good communication was important to 95% of respondents, as opposed to certification (91%). ... Not to state the obvious, but it's important when the body that certifies physicians says their raison d'etre is second place to patient communication.
July 2019


I tell myself: Speak in tones that aren't patronizing and sorrowful or as if you're irrevocably broken. Then coach yourself away from the fe...
July 2019

Listen more

3. When you examine a patient, you examine a person.This was my favorite reason. ... The first, and more important, is learning the patient's story by listening.
July 2019

Health numeracy

There is a growing awareness of the importance of health literacy, the extent to which patients and their families are able to understand wo...
July 2019

No predictions

A patient asks me if she should take an aspirin to prevent heart disease. ... His research interests include doctor-patient communication, bioethics, and systematic reviews. He is also a poet, journalist and translator in Yiddish and English.
July 2019

QD: News Every Day--Interns skipping the niceties of patient communication

QD: News Every Day--Interns skipping the niceties of patient communication. First-year interns rarely do the little courtesies that could establish a rapport with patients, such as introducing themselves, and ... Simple steps to improve interns’
July 2019

The therapeutic relationship in "The King's Speech"

Finally, Lionel was very discreet, serving as trusted guardian of his patient's confidential health information. ... He comes to apologize to his difficult patient. The willingness to admit fallibility and error is another important aspect of medical
July 2019

Information plus documentation a must for informed consent

In 1990, Dr. Gottesman was sued for late diagnosis of a patient's prostate cancer. ... If the patient has any particular impediments to understanding, it's even more crucial to have a second listener, he added.
January 2012

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