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Spotlight cast on industry gifts, payouts to physicians

mandated by new, and sometimes confusing, federal provisions intended to bring all physician-industry relationships into the open. ... advised Bernard Lo, MD, FACP, president of the Greenwall Foundation, a bioethics research institute based in New York
July 2013

QD: News Every Day--Millions in fraud makes Medicare crack down

new regulations to tighten oversight of durable medical goods such as prosthetics. ... Los Angeles Times, New York Times). Posted by.
July 2020

Reimbursement for obesity counseling: So what?

Reimbursement for obesity counseling: So what? Medicare recently announced new regulations that authorize reimbursement for obesity management counseling by physicians. ... It is in this context that the new Medicare regulations must be assessed.
July 2020

Is this about doctors or patients?

overhead costs and a torrent of new regulations that have come into play in recent years.” According to the article, only 26% of NY State physicians now own their own practice, ... I was, however, struck by the subsequent letter to the editor by
July 2020

How did American health care get so expensive? Perhaps it was Ronald Reagan's presidency

The New York Times has pointed out a very interesting coincidence. ... Deregulation of many institutions followed. Regulation of industries related to health were rolled back and new regulations which helped control spending in Europe were not introduced.
July 2020

Reining in the use of CT scans

New regulations on e-prescribing kick in this year, and navigating the red tape that stands between you and your potential bonus while at the same time avoiding any penalties can ... ACP's Washington office offers helpful information on the easiest ways
February 2011

QD: News Every Day--One year later, work hour limits didn't improve residents' work-life balance

The perspective piece appeared May 30 at the New England Journal of Medicine. ... While half of residents (50.9%) expected a better quality of life with the new regulations, only interns (61.8%) saw it.
July 2020

EHR era ushers in stricter privacy, security

While compliance with the new regulations may seem onerous, they aren't without justification. ... It's probably a good time to say to your associates, ‘Are you aware of the new regulations and please tell us if you're doing what you need to do
April 2010

Home health and hospice eligibility now requires face-to-face encounter

Enforcement begins on a new Medicare rule that mandates a personal encounter for the initial certification of home health and hospice services. ... Enforcement began April 1 for the new rule published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
April 2011

DME requests pose practice problems

Plus, physicians who do know about the new regulations may find themselves confused by the specifics, Ms. ... items covered by the new regulations.
July 2014

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