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Lung cancer screening guideline debated | ACP Internist

New screening recommendations for low-dose CT for smokers will prove to be trickier to follow than most preventive care guidelines, experts say. Learn what issues to consider, where to refer patients, and how to deal with the results.

QD: News Every Day--CT scans reconsidered for screening for high-risk lung cancer : ACP Internist

Doctors should counsel high-risk patients about lung cancer screening with low-dose computed tomography, according to guidelines issued by t...

Annual chest X-rays not useful for lung cancer screening : ACP Internist

It's been a disappointing month for proponents of screening. You remember what screening is? Screening is testing someone for a disease who...


LUNG CANCER SCREENING. cited the harms and costs of screening, and the reliance on a single study, the NLST, for evidence of benefit. ... tional evidence about the effects of lung cancer screening. Future research may eventually identi- fy additional

QD: News Every Day--Actuaries find spiral CT screening among smokers is cost-effective : ACP Internist

Annual lung cancer screening with low-dose spiral computed tomography among current and former smokers would reduce lung cancer and be cost-...

March 2014 | ACP Internist

ACP Internist provides news and information for internal medicine physicians about the practice of medicine and reports on the policies, products, and activities of ACP.

Counter-intuitive results: Several cancer screening tests don't improve health outcomes : ACP Internist

Nearly 40 years ago, President Richard Nixon famously declared a " War on Cancer " by signing the National Cancer Act of 1971. Like the Manh...

QD: News Every Day--Get cancer, keep smoking, what does it take to quit? : ACP Internist

Patients continue to smoke after their diagnosis, including nearly one in seven lung cancer patients, a study found. Because CT scanning is...

Screening for lung cancer a struggle | ACP Internist

Lung cancer has an alarmingly low five-year survival rate, but screening, if implemented well, can improve it.

Learning how to interpret statistics from an epidemiologist : ACP Internist

Early on in Between the Lines , a breezy new book on medical statistics by Dr. Marya Zilberberg, the author encourages her readers to "write...

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