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Assess statin-associated myalgia on a patient-by-patient basis | ACP Internist

Statin-associated muscle pain is controversial and poorly understood. But the consequence of stopping cholesterol drugs has a much clearer downside. Counsel patients on potential side effects, and let them know that switching is preferable to

QD: News Every Day--Urology society brings prostate cancer screening guideline closer to those of Task Force, ACP : ACP Internist

Men ages 55 to 69 who are considering prostate cancer screening should talk with their doctors about the benefits and harms of testing and p...

Saturated fat: weighed, measured, and found wanting : ACP Internist

A stunningly good, extraordinarily comprehensive paper on the health effects of saturated fat in our diets has weighed them in every releva...

Guideline offers recommendations on treatment of psoriatic arthritis | ACP Internist Weekly | ACP Internist

Most of the recommendations are conditional, meaning that although they apply to many patients, some patients will do better with other treatments due to comorbid conditions or values and preferences, the guideline authors wrote.

Conquering the computer in clinic | Internal Medicine Meeting 2018 News | ACP Internist

Despite obstacles encountered when incorporating the electronic health record into bedside manner, a simple mnemonic can help physicians learn how to maintain proper patient communication.

Essential reading on Candida auris : ACP Internist

During my intern rotation on the University of Virginia bone marrow transplant unit, I convinced myself that a Candida krusei epidemic was ...

QD: News Every Day--Stifling laughter safest for those who faint from it : ACP Internist

Laughter is the best medicine, and now, here's the best medicine to treat laughter. Fainting from laughter happens, albeit rarely, and is pr...

QD: News Every Day--Egg-allergic patients can receive flu vaccines normally : ACP Internist

Patients with egg allergies can be vaccinated without requiring administration by an allergist, researchers concluded. Researchers reported ...

An individual effort to smooth transitions | ACP Internist

A multicomponent intervention to smooth hospital discharges back into primary care involved a personal visit to every hospitalized patient.

Wisdom of the crowd and the most promising innovations to teach value : ACP Internist

Earlier this year, the Teaching value campaign launched the Teaching Value and Choosing Wisely Competition in conjunction with Costs of Car...

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