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Act early to counter rise in osteoporosis

Another myth is that bisphosphonates should be stopped after 3 to 5 years of treatment regardless of the level of fracture risk,” Dr. ... Instead, they recommend that doctors annually check fracture risk and consider resuming the drug in patients who
January 2017

Osteoporosis: What about men?

mean for peak bone density), are as predictive of fracture risk in men as they are in women. ... Treatment decisions should be based on assessments of absolute fracture risk and not on BMD alone.
June 2019

Drugs, drugs, and...tai chi?

One of the drugs is a twice-yearly biologic and the other reduces glucocorticoid-induced fracture risk.
June 2019

Is a high calcium diet and calcium supplementation bad for you?

Calcium supplementation seemed the right thing to recommend after estrogen, which is well known to reduce fracture risk, was discredited by the Women's Health Initiative due to what appeared to ... In a recent large study out of Finland from 2010,
June 2019

News from Digestive Disease Week: PPIs and CAT

Fracture risk rose 12% for those taking less than one pill a day, 30% for those taking the usual dose of one pill a day, and 41% for those taking more ... However, they should discuss treatment options with their doctor if they are at risk of osteoporosis
June 2019


The. story also covers how to use the FRAX algorithm to determine fracture risk, how different types of bisphosphonates work, and what side effects to be concerned about, as well as
May 2013

Diabetes debates defy easy resolution

Lewiecki. The most helpful resource for this task is the FRAX (Fracture Risk Assessment Tool). ... Yu. However, it's not certain exactly how these measurements relate to actual fracture risk.
September 2013

Medical news of the obvious

Also, cancer is stressful and poor balance increases fracture risk. And from the world of psychology, a headline that made us giggle:. "
June 2019

PPI's benefits can outweigh their possible risks

Recent studies have found an association between PPI use and fracture risk, although the risks do not appear to outweigh the benefits of treatment for most patients. ... decreased calcium absorption,. decreased iron absorption,. increased fracture risk,.
October 2012

One more ill-advised session title

Fracture Risk in Elders: The Framingham Osteoporosis Study.".
June 2019

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