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Act early to counter rise in osteoporosis | ACP Internist

Recent studies indicate that late-life bone resiliency has been eroding, and newly released guidelines suggest diagnostic and treatment strategies to counteract that slide among women.

Osteoporosis: What about men? : ACP Internist

Treating reduced bone density in women is a big business, from its detection with bone density screening (DXA), to its treatment with medica...


The. story also covers how to use the FRAX algorithm to determine fracture risk, how different types of bisphosphonates work, and what side effects to be concerned about, as well as

Drugs, drugs, and...tai chi? : ACP Internist

At most conferences, a press badge causes other attendees to avoid you if anything. But here at the American College of Rheumatology meetin...

Is a high calcium diet and calcium supplementation bad for you? : ACP Internist

An article from Sweden was recently published showing that in a very large group of women, over 60,000 of them, followed for 19 years as pa...

News from Digestive Disease Week: PPIs and CAT : ACP Internist

CHICAGO-- Is there a link between acid-reducing meds and hip fractures? A new study released here today reports that taking even less than o...

Diabetes debates defy easy resolution | ACP Internist

An ever-changing knowledge base without clear consensus makes diabetes management especially challenging.

Medical news of the obvious : ACP Internist

Apparently, we weren't all born with little chips in our brain that direct us to binge drink at age 17 when the 'rents are out of town. Nope...

PPI's benefits can outweigh their possible risks | ACP Internist

The key to proper use of proton-pump inhibitors is monitoring patients closely to determine if they are benefitting from long-term therapy, or could potentially discontinue or reduce their dose.

One more ill-advised session title : ACP Internist

I'll be blogging from the annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology next week, and for the most part, their session titles are...

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