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The bad, the ugly and the good of electronic health records

I have been using my facility's current electronic health record (EHR) for more than two years now, and for me the biggest challenge has been to learn to document a ... 7. Ability to see what subspecialists are doing. Back in paper chart days, our
July 2013

Med students unfamiliar with electronic health records

Med students unfamiliar with electronic health records. Generation Y medical students are supposed to be the tech-savvy ones. ... As it turns out, they may be more familiar with Facebook than with the electronic health records they'll likely use in their
August 2019

Electronic health records, quality and safety take the fore at Pritzker IHI open school

Electronic health records, quality and safety take the fore at Pritzker IHI open school. ... other. While many urban medical centers have adopted electronic health records, a recent study demonstrated only 17% of hospitals capital investments.
August 2019

Electronic health records don't cut costs

Electronic health records don't cut costs. A new study was published in the journal Health Affairs that reports computerized patient records are unlikely to cut health care costs and might ... Save your research dollars, Health Affairs. I could have told
August 2019

ACA, firearms among advocacy hot topics for ACP | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

Gun control is an even longer-standing health policy issue that has recently heated up. ... Ongoing efforts involve the push for interoperability of electronic health records, changes to the physician fee schedule, implementation of new payment models,
April 2019

For med students, when does follow-up cross the line?

Medical students are using electronic health records to virtually follow up on patients' outcomes. ... Medical students need guidance on the appropriate uses of electronic health records to follow up on patient outcomes.
March 2017

White House expert advises docs on meaningful use of EHRs

The first of those was financial, the cost of acquiring and maintaining electronic health records. ... or practice that is in the process of meaningful use in electronic health records.
November 2010

Government expert encourages transition to electronic records

A: There's been great progress made on interoperability. A lot more work yet to be done, but we now have electronic health records that all have been tested to be ... Q: One specific problem mentioned by practices that are using electronic health records
October 2011

Details define requirements for chronic care management

Billing for chronic care management requires new capabilities for electronic health records and access to the information that they contain. ... Regular e-mail is not considered sufficiently secure for communication of individually identifiable health
March 2015

Hypertension guidelines lead to vigorous debate

This issue includes stories centered on various aspects of hypertensions, as well as topics specific to mean's health, electronic health records and physical rehabilitation referrals. ... Recent research has suggested that electronic health records (EHRs)
April 2014

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