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In the November/December 2019 ACP Internist, a sentence in the story “New Thinking about Alzheimer's Diagnosis” has been updated at
January 2020

A brief clarification on PSA testing

A brief clarification on PSA testing. The recent recommendation released by the U.S. ... The most important clarification before answering this question is explaining the difference between a screening test and a diagnostic test.
May 2020

The danger of assuming

Assuming definitions without clarification will often lead to over-testing or misdiagnoses.
May 2020

On taking an excellent history

History taking is not science, but rather art, because it requires interpretation and clarification.
May 2020

Changing patient behavior with two power words

A word of clarification. In these days of patient-centered care and shared decision-making, some may question the use of physician-centric directives like "I recommended." For one thing, a
May 2020

The hospital-dependent patient

No cause of death. Death certificates could say “old age” or “natural causes” without further clarification.
May 2020

Most common medication errors

the healthcare staff who administer the medications, usually nurses, can easily get clarification from the doctor when needed.
May 2020

My approach to acute pharyngitis 2018

I hope that this post makes clear my current thoughts. Please ask me for further clarification if I have not answered your questions.
May 2020

Bullet holes in dietary guidance

The journal published both “corrections” and “clarifications” of the critique, appended to corrections made earlier in the process.
May 2020

A closer look at the details on mammography, in between the lines

And so I offer what I hope is a clarification, or at least an extension of my colleague's work, for purposes of helping women understand the potential benefits and risks
May 2020

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