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Refine your referrals to physical rehab with thought, timeliness

As for rehab physicians, they could help more patients with neurological problems or back pain than are typically referred to them, according to Dr. ... Esquenazi.“ If I am an effective rehabilitation physician, I might know what the charge for rehab
April 2014

Cognitive impairment

50%; P<0.001), coronary revascularization (63% vs. 29%; P<0.001), and cardiac rehabilitation (22% vs. ... However, they concluded that patients with preexisting MCI are less likely to receive cardiac catheterization and coronary revascularization, but
August 2019

Little treatments, lots of time best for back pain | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

Duru noted. Other options include multidisciplinary rehabilitation, which a show of hands revealed that about 25% of the audience had recommended to patients.
April 2019


John Sarno was a physical medicine and rehab specialist at New York University for almost 50 years.
August 2019

More than 1 billion disabled globally as resources diminish

Rehab facilities across the country are closing under financial pressures, and people with heart and lung conditions are transferred instead to nursing homes. ... But there's something especially sad about cutting funds to rehab programs and hospitals.
August 2019

Sherpas wanted

Dad was being discharged to rehab the next day and I still wasn't clear on what was wrong after a week in the hospital.
August 2019

Case of caring

off (“covered in ash and smell[ing] of smoke”) until his discharge weeks later to a rehabilitation facility.
August 2019

The hero case managers

nation. Hospital physicians know that the case manager is the go-to person any time we are discharging a patient, especially if they need home services or are entering a rehabilitation
August 2019

Get your COPD patients moving

Another study found that COPD patients benefit from exercise (ie, pulmonary rehab) just as much even if they are obese.
August 2019

The mystery of medical insurance coverage

you a doctor?” Yes I am, but if you think a gastroenterologist, a Colonoscopy crusader, can advise you on your upcoming hip surgery, psoriasis treatment retinal detachment, or cardiac rehab, think
August 2019

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