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ACP Internist

wage. Update:. I just read inthe Journal of the American Medical Association, that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation has approved a 5 year experiment in paying emergency medical services
August 2019

Medicare clarifies, updates several claims payment issues

Reminder: The initial AWV (G0438) is a once-in-a-lifetime benefit for Medicare beneficiaries. ... More information is available from CMS in the Medicare Claims Processing Manual, Chapter 12, Section 30.6.6, online.
May 2013

Medicare for all as a moral imperative

Nearly all Whistleblower posts are stand-alone essays. This Medicare for All entry, will be a rare departure from this tradition and will be a two-parter. ... Next week, if you will kindly return, I'll offer some ripostes to the Medicare for All arguments
August 2019

Cognitive impairment

The prospective study used data from Medicare, the American Hospital Association, and the Health and Retirement Study. ... Going forward, more people are expected to be diagnosed with MCI due to mandated coverage of cognitive impairment assessment as
August 2019

QD: News Every Day--Medicare poses a deficit problem

Medicare poses a deficit problem, note some very influential analysts. A former Congressional Budget Office head and a former Medicare chief chime in on the scope of the program's impact ... In related news for Medicare recipients, the Employee Benefit
August 2019

Not your father's Medicare

Less well appreciated, but arguably more important, were a wide range of reforms to the Medicare program. ... Penalties for readmissions, requirements for physician quality reporting, pilot programs for bundled payments and accountable care organizations
August 2019

Breathtaking Medicare fraud alleged

Dr. Roy's company, Medistat, with only six doctors on staff, supposedly provided service to more than 11,000 Medicare patients. ... This made Medistat the largest single Medicare home health provider in the country.
August 2019

Medicare reveals physician payments

Medicare reveals physician payments. With little fanfare, the federal government made public all of the“ Part B” Medicare expenditures from 2012. ... In addition, the data are limited to services provided to Medicare beneficiaries, and therefore are
August 2019

Mr. President, please fix Medicare

But I also want you to fix Medicare. Medicare is so bureaucratic that expanding it in its current form would be the death knell for primary care physicians and many community ... I continue to care for my Medicare patients and they are a handful.
August 2019

QD: News Every Day--Internists aren't fully adopting Medicare's wellness benefit

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act last year added annual wellness visits with no copayment or deductible to the Medicare benefit. ... The remaining respondents were split between rolling out the benefit to staff or to patients, but not both,
August 2019

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