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There's more to Medicare's Annual Wellness Visit

Medicare providers may perform a medically necessary diagnostic electrocardiogram (EKG) on the same day as an AWV (G0438 or G0439). ... The annual Medicare Part B deductible and co-insurance are waived for the AWV.
November 2014

QD: News Every Day--Internists aren't fully adopting Medicare's wellness benefit

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act last year added annual wellness visits with no copayment or deductible to the Medicare benefit. ... The remaining respondents were split between rolling out the benefit to staff or to patients, but not both,
May 2019

Medicare follies, or, the Annual Wellness Visit

Medicare follies, or, the Annual Wellness Visit. Over the last few years, Medicare, the government insurance program for the elderly, has added a few benefits, one of them being a yearly
May 2019

QD: News Every Day--Medicare poses a deficit problem

A former Congressional Budget Office head and a former Medicare chief chime in on the scope of the program's impact on the economy, and the difficulties of trying to scale ... In related news for Medicare recipients, the Employee Benefit Research
May 2019

Not your father's Medicare

Less well appreciated, but arguably more important, were a wide range of reforms to the Medicare program. ... Penalties for readmissions, requirements for physician quality reporting, pilot programs for bundled payments and accountable care organizations
May 2019


Researchers performed a retrospective cohort study of Texas Medicare claims from 2008 to 2015. ... The study included only fee-for-service Medicare patients in one state, and readmissions could not be classified as avoidable versus unavoidable, among
May 2019

Breathtaking Medicare fraud alleged

Dr. Roy's company, Medistat, with only six doctors on staff, supposedly provided service to more than 11, 000 Medicare patients. ... This made Medistat the largest single Medicare home health provider in the country.
May 2019

Mr. President, please fix Medicare

But I also want you to fix Medicare. Medicare is so bureaucratic that expanding it in its current form would be the death knell for primary care physicians and many community ... I continue to care for my Medicare patients and they are a handful.
May 2019

QD: News Every Day--9 out of 10 doctors accept Medicare, a rate that remains steady

QD: News Every Day--9 out of 10 doctors accept Medicare, a rate that remains steady. ... About 650, 000 physicians participated in Medicare in 2011 and nearly 1 million clinicians did.
May 2019

More changes to Medicare

More changes to Medicare. I am a terrible coder. I think I am a pretty good doctor, but when it comes to coding, the process of figuring out which billing code ... In the words of CMS, it will favor “patients over paperwork.” You can read all 1472
May 2019

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