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Internists becoming the ‘gatekeepers' for genetic testing

He spoke on“ Common Genetics Issues in General Internal Medicine: Integrating Genetic Testing into Clinical Practice” at Internal Medicine 2012 in April. ... Internists are also called on for diagnosis, prognosis, family risk assessment and treatment
June 2012

QD: News Every Day--Doctors issue guidelines for genetic testing

First, new guidelines from the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics should guide clinicians about who would benefit and when. ... And, people with genetic predispositions still need to lead a healthy lifestyle, they added.
August 2019

Will genetic engineering save or sink humanity?

Will genetic engineering save or sink humanity? We cannot let the anecdote rule over us. ... See where I'm going with this? Are you really ready for the curtain to rise on the Genetic Engineering Show?
August 2019

Direct to consumer genetic testing and Oprah

In 2010 a list of DTC genetic testing companies and the conditions that they screen for was compiled by the Genetics and Public Policy Center. ... The American Society of Human Genetics has recently written recommendations with respect to DTC genetic
August 2019

ACP issues guidance statement for breast cancer screening of average-risk women with no symptoms | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

genetic mutation known to increase risk.“ Beginning at age 40, average-risk women without symptoms should discuss with their physician the benefits, harms, and their personal preferences of breast cancer screening
April 2019

Race and the clinical exam

Genetic variability is, in fact, greater between unrelated individuals than it is between racial and ethnic groups. ... How might the issue of assigning individual genetic risk in the setting of complex genetic ancestry be resolved?
August 2019

Understanding Angelina

A geneticist will evaluate your family and personal history and help you select the relevant genetic tests to order. ... So I applaud Ms. Jolie for her courage in telling her story in the hopes that other high-risk women seek genetic counseling.
August 2019

Gills, pills and obesity genes

And we might, I suppose, declare that a genetic basis for drowning had been identified. ... Yes, our genetic vulnerability to obesity is variable, much, I bet, like our genetic vulnerability to drowning.
August 2019

Target unique genetic diseases through common pathways

As a former gene therapy researcher, I have been disappointed by nearly all attempts at gene therapy for genetic disorders. ... Expect that this will be the model for other formerly truculent genetic disorders.
September 2008

Sudoku-solving E. coli

They used 16 types of E. coli with a distinct genetic identity, one for each square in the grid.
August 2019

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