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Examining ethical dilemmas that occur in everyday practice | ACP Internist

A Harvard expert moderates a new column on ethical case studies and suggests some practical strategies for handling and preventing conflicts. Case study: How should a physician react when an elderly patient refuses life-saving treatment contrary to
January 2008

Ethics rounds : ACP Internist

A 35 year old woman comes to see you for a sore throat. It began about a week ago with fever, chills, and a tickle in the throat. The throat...
April 2019

Is office colonoscopy ethical? : ACP Internist

While I consider myself to be an ethical practitioner, I am not perfect, and neither is the medical profession. I will present a recurrent e...
April 2019

Is uterus transplantation ethical? : ACP Internist

I am not a woman. I cannot contemplate the physical and emotional experience of carrying a pregnancy and birthing a child. I imagine that it...
April 2019

Why should medical ethics matter? : ACP Internist

Medical ethics has properly gained a foothold in the public square. There is a national conversation about euthanasia, stem cell research, f...
April 2019

QD: News Every Day--Most online Alzheimer's tests fail on validity, reliability, ethics : ACP Internist

An expert panel found that 16 freely accessible online tests for Alzheimer's disease scored poorly on scales of overall scientific validity,...
April 2019

Professionalism in wartime: Arab and Jewish medical staffers caring together : ACP Internist

[Editor’s Note: The following is quoted from Tal Kessler, an intern at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was translated from Hebrew.] ...
April 2019

Refusal of treatment can present some tricky ethical dilemmas | ACP Internist

This issue includes stories on informed refusal and on managing psoriasis.
February 2014

We need to rethink professionalism : ACP Internist

A new study in JAMA Pediatrics (free full text here ) should make hospital epidemiologists and infection preventionists cringe. All physici...
April 2019

QD: News Every Day--Medical practitioners seen as more honest, ethical than other professionals : ACP Internist

Medical professionals, especially nurses, are perceived as vastly more ethical than other professions, a Gallup poll found. Among 22 profess...
April 2019

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