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College's new end-of-life guidelines fill gaps in patient care

Dr. Casey. While guidelines have been written in the past to address certain aspects of end-of-life care, such as the assessment and treatment of pain, no generic guidelines existed. ... But palliative care can and should also be delivered well before
March 2008

QD: News Every Day--End-of-life discussions happen far too late

To evaluate the incidence of end-of-life care discussions for 2,155 patients with stage IV lung or colorectal cancer, researchers designed a prospective cohort study of patients from the ... However, medical oncologists documented end-of-life care
August 2019

End-of-life rallies

End-of-life rallies. Let's say your loved one is at the end of life. ... While no one is ready for her to die, this end-of-life process brings some solace.
August 2019

QD: News Every Day--Whistling by the graveyard on end-of-life care

1. The provision was dropped, not because end-of-life counseling doesn't work, but because of partisan politics. ... A patient guide to end-of-life decisions is here and evidence-based physician resources are available here.
August 2019

End of life and the medical profession

End of life and the medical profession. Physicians and nurses deal with the deepest issues of the human condition, life and death. ... Our profession brings new life into the world and does our best to bring comfort and peace at the journey's end.
August 2019

Respect at the end of life

Respect at the end of life. When I walked in and tried to shake his hand, he took one step back. ... And I spoke more about how her body is nearing the end of life.“ We can focus on her comfort,” I said.“ Helping can often mean doing the things
August 2019

QD: News Every Day--End-of-life options might be better for cancer patients

QD: News Every Day--End-of-life options might be better for cancer patients. ... Hospitals need to embrace a family-centered care approach, and then examine whether their end-of-life practices meet those goals, the report states.
August 2019

Palliative care's place in noncancer morbidity | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

Another key difference between cancer and noncancer palliative care is the continuation of treatment until the end of life. ... That's a really bad prognostic sign, and the rate of change matters even more, she said.
April 2019

Joke of the day

Joke of the day. During a morning session on end-of-life conversations, Janet L. ... Members of the American College of Physicians contribute posts from their own sites to ACP Internist.
August 2019

The hardest conversation

The hardest conversation. The perceptions of patients who are nearing the end of life seem to be a hot research topic right now, at least over at JAMA. ... Isn't another way to describe those "overestimates" actually "hope"? But a case study of
August 2019

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