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Communication skills vital to cancer conversations

Back, MD, the final presenter, who is a professor of medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle.“ You may feel like [these communication skills] are things that ... Anthony L. Back, MD, professor of medicine at the
September 2013

Hospitals: Check doctor's communication skills before buying the practice

Hospitals: Check doctor's communication skills before buying the practice. This post by Steven Wilkins, MPH, appeared at Better Health. ... One of the things we did not consider years ago in evaluating and buying a physician practice was the quality of
July 2019

Hospital medicine doctors: In the driving seat to improve patient satisfaction

also involved in the patient’s care; and.• Developing and maintaining good communication skills, always displaying empathy and compassion. ... Formal communication skills training is often well received by physicians, especially if feedback is given
July 2019

Be the one giving pushback

Some, even including a few CEOs, I've been pretty shocked with their organizational and communication skills, that they've reached the heights which they have. ... Be the best doctor possible, confident in your clinical skills, and a fierce advocate for
July 2019

Improving communication in health care

The communication skills training that is given in many other industries (which actually involve less communication than health care) is far superior to what we get. ... Here's what we need:. 1. Regular medical school courses. Emphasizing the importance
July 2019

5 reasons communication is so often suboptimal in health care

4. Physician communication skills. A further aspect to this problem, that is not talked about nearly as much as it should be, is that physicians do not receive adequate communication skills ... Simple common sense answers lie at the heart of most of our
July 2019

Using GoAnimate to create case scenarios

Besides priming the learner for clinical content, these videos can be used as lead ins for training on communication skills or focused history taking.
July 2019

A failure to address the fundamental questions in health care

being overwhelmed with documentation requirements and information technology data entry tasks, perhaps needing a brush-up on communication skills (the biggest driver of patient satisfaction), being clearer with patients on wait
July 2019

Better bedside manners heal doctor-patient relationships

There is no recipe. It's an amorphous mixture of humanity, humility, medical knowledge, clinical experience, excellent communication skills, compassion and personal warmth.
July 2019

What has become of these marvelous doctors?

Then I felt disappointment. Disappointment that doctors like them, who believe in solid bedside medicine, physical examination, and face-to-face communication skills—are being replaced by“ type and click bot”
July 2019

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