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Years after leaving practice, some doctors choose to return

We offer a course which is didactic, and it's focused on up-to-date, core issues in medicine. ... There's a huge amount of new information in medicine and it's very difficult to assimilate,” Dr.
February 2011

QD: News Every Day--Primary care job market ticks slightly upward

The composition of the respondent group reflects changes in the health care industry as groups consolidate, more physicians choose employed opportunities and women pursue careers in medicine. ... Female physicians comprised 34% of physicians represented
May 2019

Look before leaping into a large health system

wonder where the “medicine” in “Doctor of Medicine” has gone. ... Think of technology implementation and the reporting requirements on both the business and clinical sides of medicine.
May 2013

Part-time women in medicine: Are they pulling their weight?

In the past several decades women have made significant gains toward equal status in medicine. ... If women can best manage their careers in medicine as part-time then so be it.
May 2019

Team performance defines practice success

The story of his commitment to his patients and community inspired a generation to pursue careers in medicine. ... patients. Internal medicine specialists, subspecialists, and other specialty physicians are important partners in providing excellent care.
July 2012

Should doctors treat their patients like customers?

And the masses, especially the masses of health care customers, are not uniformly enlightened enough to tell us how to conduct the age-old business of medicine. ... Witness the lack of call coverage, the unwillingness of young physicians to be available,
May 2019

Is the generation gap a growth opportunity?

I realized then that there was a serious issue of a generation gap in medicine.”. ... Island, have very different experiences from and expectations for their careers in medicine.
April 2008

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