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FDA reports on association of breast implants and a rare form of lymphoma

In women who don't have implants, ALCL is an infrequent tumor, affecting approximately 1 in 500,000 women is the U.S. ... She shares her ideas on education, ethics in medicine, health care news and culture.
January 2022

QD: News Every Day--Women with melanomas less likely to progress

QD: News Every Day--Women with melanomas less likely to progress. Women have a 30% advantage over men in all aspects of the progression of localized melanoma, most likely caused by ... To counter these factors, indications for sentinel lymph node biopsy
January 2022

Deciding which advocacy issues are ‘in our lane’

Women's health is affected if they are denied access to contraception, required to carry a pregnancy to term, or subjected to invasive tests, procedures, and nonscientific government dictates to their ... For instance, ACP's advocacy on climate change
October 2019

QD: News Every Day--Insurers will have to cover women's preventive services

QD: News Every Day--Insurers will have to cover women's preventive services. ... The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will require by August 2012 that women receive preventive health services such as contraception, lactation support and
January 2022

Women at higher risk of having stroke with Afib

Why? AF should equal AF. But it does matter. When it comes to AF and stroke, women are very different. . ... Better Health's mission is to support and promote health care professional bloggers, provide insightful and trustworthy health commentary, and
January 2022

Why ACP must speak out against discrimination

Gender pay gap and women's health. Late last year, ACP issued a policy statement stating that “physicians regardless of gender should be paid equally and fairly for their work at ... ACP's commitment to nondiscrimination and diversity is not new. In
October 2017

Preventing cervical cancer in Tanzania

It turns out I was wrong: health care workers were enthusiastic and attended the trainings and women lined up for testing. ... At any one time, I've read, 10% of women will have HPV infections.
January 2022

Can we have an informed discussion about health care reform?

The quote at the top of the women's health care portion of the site (reproduced as a picture below in case the site changes) lays bare how badly people misunderstand ... Carrying this woman's logic to an extreme, does she now no longer support paying for
January 2022

QD: News Every Day-- One-third of doctors overuse MRIs for breast cancer screening

Guidelines from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Cancer Society recommend mammography as the only routine screening test for women ... health care costs are, in part, due to the
January 2022

QD: News Every Day--AAFP adds PSA tests, pelvic exams for The Pill to its Choosing Wisely list

Hormonal contraceptives are safe, effective, and well tolerated for most women. ... country engage in conversations about what care they need, and what we can do to reduce waste and overuse in our health care system.”.
January 2022

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