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Finding and treating a tricky disorder

We feature rural medicine in this issue with a look at the federal government's Indian Health Service in New Mexico. ... Also in this issue, our conference coverage from the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene details the state of malaria
March 2012

QD--News Every Day: Doctors delivering diagnoses online

Telemedicine proponents play it up as a way of alleviating unneeded ER visits, for the uninsured who can't get to a doctor, or for rural areas that don't otherwise
January 2020

Drug shortages cause scrambles in primary care

However, research has shown that the people most likely to take on the challenges of rural practice are those who grew up there. ... Stacey Butterfield looks at a few programs across the country that are trying to attract students to rural medicine right
May 2012

Paul Lee--a Washington health care lobbyist talks about why it's all good

He showed graphs of trends and briefly touched on the specific issues of rural hospitals, which all 3 of the local hospitals are. ... places, learn more about medicine and increase her knowledge base and perspective by practicing hospital and primary
January 2020

Primary care shortage expected to worsen

Others have suggested shortening the residency time. Both are terrible ideas for our population as medicine is becoming more complicated, not less. ... The inequities are just too large. --Allow even higher reimbursement for primary care doctors who
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--GME education should shift to places where patients seek care, report says

outcomes, and offers insufficient opportunities to train physicians in the health care settings used by most Americans, the Institute of Medicine said in a press release. ... Training opportunities are highly concentrated in specific geographic regions
January 2020

The doctor will see you shortly--by law

Critics contend this will force doctors to rush patient care even more, or be especially damaging to rural areas already facing a shortage. ... But could you practice internal medicine through an HMO contract in California now?
January 2020

ACP resources aid the practice of medicine

I remember, early in my student days, thinking that I would do rural medicine and I would barter. ... As always, we are living in interesting times regarding the rules around the practice of medicine.
October 2018

QD: News Every Day--ASCO asks Congress to address oncology access shortage

Oncologists are already in short supply in many rural communities. Only 3% practice in rural areas, where nearly one-fifth of Americans live. ... Further complicating the supply of cancer care services is a growing concern about survival of smaller
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--Nation's largest tele-health network launches

The network seeks to connect more than 800 California healthcare facilities, including rural, underserved and Indian health facilities, to a statewide network of healthcare and emergency services.
January 2020

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