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QD: News Every Day--Internists see 2% more income, still among the lowest paid specialties

The biggest income increases were in ophthalmology (9%), pediatrics (5%), nephrology (4%), rheumatology (4%), and oncology (4%).
November 2020

Dr. Eric Topol and the creative destruction of medicine

treatments. This comes up in his critique of evidence-based medicine and later, when he considers progress in molecular oncology and again, in a section on the pitfalls of old-fashioned,
November 2020

Coaching doctors as they continue their medical education

Surgery is a more physical activity than, say, the practice of hematology or oncology.
November 2020

Lung cancer screening guideline debated

After the study's publication, a number of organizations, including the American College of Chest Physicians, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the American Thoracic Society and the American Cancer Society,
March 2014

Aspirin for cancer prevention not ready for prime time

Effects of regular aspirin on long-term cancer incidence and metastasis: a systematic comparison of evidence from observational studies versus randomised trials (Lancet Oncology, abstract available without subscription).
November 2020

Why not tweet when you are in the hospital and not feeling well?

From the physician’s side:. If I were a doctor making rounds now in a hospital, let’s say an oncology floor, and I knew that any of the patients might
November 2020

QD: News Every Day--CT, blood test provide small benefit to post-colorectal cancer care

Intensive CT imaging or blood screening after colorectal cancer surgery provided a small but increased rate of surgical treatment of recurre...
November 2020

Does my doctor trust me (and does it matter)?

Members of the American public are frequently surveyed about their trust in various professionals . Doctors and nurses usually wind up near ...
November 2020

A taxonomy of medical humor

You won’t hear too many hematology jokes. Although you may find oncology among the “life and death category.
November 2020

The Avastin story: It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings

Twitter. Dr. Just has 36 years in clinical practice of hematology and medical oncology.
November 2020

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