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QD: News Every Day--End-of-life planning reduces aggressive treatment in a patient's last month of life

Results appeared online Nov. 13 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.
November 2020

Cancer and Random Genes: Fortune Favors the Prepared

A recent study in Science purportedly demonstrated that cancer is more random than previously thought. This, predictably, has led to high-p...
November 2020

Solving the Primary Care Crisis: Are We Training Enough Doctors?

pulmonary or oncology, to name a few.
November 2020

Oncologists need to get a grip on reality, and talk about dying

We've reached the second half of our discussion on Bending the Cost Curve in Cancer Care . The authors of the New England Journal of Medici...
November 2020

Not every oncologist can or should deliver survivorship care

I wish I had known earlier that not all oncologists, internist or primary care providers can or should provide survivorship care. The first ...
November 2020

International colleagues face familiar problems

In his keynote speech, Aru W. Sudoyo, MD, PhD, FACP, outgoing ISIM president, a medical oncologist, and President of the Indonesian Society of Oncology, talked about these being dangerous times for ... The door is wide open. Ana María López, MD, MPH,
February 2019

Why Physicians Are Going To Stop Accepting Medicare

Patients struggle to find any specialist who will accept Medicare. This experience is greatest in the specialties of neurology, oncology and gynecology.
November 2020

ACP resources aid the practice of medicine

My practice would be a simple exchange of needs. I later realized how much I am an urban child and how medical oncology would not really be feasible in a solo ... Ana María López, MD, MPH, FACP, ACP's President for 2018-2019, is vice chair of oncology
October 2018

What can the unmatched seniors tell us?

Last year, the percentage unmatched is much higher for students applying to radiation oncology, dermatology, and competitive surgical fields, for example.
November 2020

Medical homes for homeless patients during COVID-19

And for more conference coverage, read a story from the American Society of Clinical Oncology's virtual conference in May, which looks at ways to improve care for LGBTQ patients, in
September 2020

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