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QD: News Every Day--Women might be able to undergo virtual colonoscopies later than men

New 2 Script. Monday, June 10, 2013..
October 2020

Pocket ultrasound machines: 'Why doesn't everyone have one?'

Maybe it’s just difficult to develop the technology, but I think it’s a little less wholesome than that. ... It is a “disruptive technology” which means that it potentially changes things in far reaching ways, many of which can’t be adequately
October 2020

Asthma treatment used for chronic sinus infections

New 2 Script. Wednesday, July 27, 2011..
October 2020

Mobile apps no ‘magic pill’ for maintaining health

City. “On the other side, baby boomers are not technophiles, but we underestimate their desire or ability to adopt [new technology].”. ... Badlani said. “Plain technology without the human touch is never going to succeed.”.
October 2015

Wearable tech shows promise in clinical care

make sure we pause and say, ‘What problems exist, and how can technology fill that gap?’” Dr. ... As with anything that's new, some clinicians are excited about m-health, and some are skeptical, said Dr.
November 2015

QD: News Every Day--Doctors find tablets more useful than smartphones

New 2 Script. Monday, June 17, 2013.. ... information technology and electronic health records.
October 2020

Three reasons why doctors lament the death of Steve Jobs

We want the technology we use to be easy to understand, and simple to use. ... New York Times - an in-depth look at his entire career.
October 2020

QD: News Every Day--Internists losing 48 minutes a day to EMR use

New 2 Script. Thursday, September 11, 2014..
October 2020

A small step toward an artificial pancreas

New 2 Script. Tuesday, September 2, 2014.. ... A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) brings patients with type 1 diabetes a small step closer to living like the rest of us.
October 2020

A video about a patient who might have too much information

The doctor-puppet pauses momentarily, seemingly resigned to a new role. After the patient leaves, the doctor thinks to weigh himself. ... To me it rings true, representing an older doctor who's trying, open-mindedly but not at the cutting edge, to
October 2020

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