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Artificial intelligence and medicine, is your doctor obsolete?

New 2 Script. Wednesday, October 10, 2018..
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--One in three try online information to diagnose themselves, others

New 2 Script. Wednesday, January 16, 2013..
January 2020

How bedside ultrasound was awesome last week

New 2 Script. Monday, May 23, 2016.. ... It is a good way to find out how other systems work, or don't work, and meet new people and interact with new communities.
January 2020

Healing and human touch

New 2 Script. Monday, September 28, 2015.. ... Human beings generate electromagnetic fields as well. This is not conjecture; technology exists to image these fields.
January 2020

Letters to the Editor

Hood, MBBS, MPH, FACP, blames electronic medical records (EMRs) themselves for her difficulties in adopting this new technology. ... Hood. We eagerly pursue continuing medical education and take courses to perfect new procedural skills.
January 2012

Gratuitous hand hygiene post: automated surveillance technology

New 2 Script. Monday, June 9, 2014.. ... Gratuitous hand hygiene post: automated surveillance technology. May 5 was Hand Hygiene Day.
January 2020

Providing health care in the wild via technology on a shoestring budget

He is also the Director of Education Technology (Academic Computing) for his medical school and in charge of his hospital system's home grown Learning and Content Management System. ... He is interested in use of technology in education, social media and
January 2020

Patient interactions show how medicine has changed over the years

And they could see all about their doctors. The show of force was less about information as much as what it represented: a new role in an old relationship. ... A new generation of doctors has begun to replace the pre-digital set.
January 2020

Three doctors' choices earn them scorn, accolades

New 2 Script. Monday, January 14, 2013..
January 2020

Storytelling, narrative medicine, and the digital age

New 2 Script. Friday, March 6, 2015..
January 2020

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