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ACP issues telemedicine recommendations

A telemedicine encounter can establish a patient-physician relationship through real-time audio/visual technology. ... Physicians should not compromise their ethical obligation to deliver clinically appropriate care for the sake of new technology adoption
October 2015

Remote monitoring: Out of sight, right in line

The programs have achieved their results by combining new technology with existing principles of patient self-management. ... Erickson's experience with remote monitoring points to some of the limitations of the technology.
March 2010

Technology in medical education

It was a wonderful opportunity to network with colleagues from outside of my own departments, and I found the faculty completely engaged and willing to try something new. ... The goal was to have five new faculty join Twitter. Many more joined, and the
March 2020

Continuous glucose monitoring—a good fit for primary care?

But insurers can be reluctant to reimburse for this relatively new technology, and its use can claim a good deal of primary care physicians' already limited time. ... information. We're also launching a new column this issue on medical education,
October 2010

Personalized medicine is the future

A new era, however, is upon us. What will be the fate of my beloved colonoscopies or heart catheterizations or blood draws or biopsies of tissues? ... Patients may be able to use their phones or some other device to do a CAT scan (or whatever technology
March 2020

QD: News Every Day--4 of 5 doctors discussed information from Internet with patients

New 2 Script. Monday, December 2, 2013.. ... This phenomenon even spawned a new term, “cyberchondria.”. Some resources include social media outlets, the Wild West of medical information.
March 2020

Patients slow to adopt portals

New 2 Script. Tuesday, September 17, 2013.. ... years. However, a study conducted in New York City in the year 2010 published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine presents some interesting figures.
March 2020

Futuristic medical fraud prevention

New 2 Script. Wednesday, July 3, 2013.. ... It certainly is going to be harder to do this as iris scanning technology becomes more widely available.
March 2020

Virtual visits pose real issues for physicians

technology without an in-person visit,” said Humayun Chaudhry, DO, MACP, president and CEO of FSMB. ... Care Group, a physician-owned group that provides online services using American Well's technology.
November 2014

Department of really cool ideas

Here's the new approach. The investigators created new, living conduction tissue, the rough equivalent of biological wires, which they termed “engineered electrical conduction tracts” or EECTs. ... They were able to show that these EECTs could create
March 2020

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