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One doctor's approach to the quantified self

New 2 Script. Friday, March 25, 2016..
October 2020

Healing and human touch

New 2 Script. Monday, September 28, 2015.. ... Human beings generate electromagnetic fields as well. This is not conjecture; technology exists to image these fields.
October 2020

Why are we so terrible at hand hygiene?

New 2 Script. Wednesday, September 4, 2013.. ... Why are we so terrible at hand hygiene? Atul Gawande has a piece in the New Yorker titled “Slow Ideas” that asks why some innovations (and yes, the act of cleaning
October 2020

What if Steve Jobs had taken on the HIT challenge?

When the information technology (IT) person was told about the problem the response was, "What's the big deal? ... He is interested in use of technology in education, social media and networking, practice management and evidence-based medicine tools,
October 2020

Study looks into new afib treatment and finds it's not all good news

Study looks into new afib treatment and finds it's not all good news. ... I'm afraid this technology, in its current form, will not prove safe enough.
October 2020

Speaking freely of guns

Our species invented its approach to talking before the advent of any technology. ... Read the text here, and see the difference for yourself. Whether or not Congress is obligated under the Constitution to remove all barriers to everyone for every new
October 2020

Theranos: in need of a little sunlight

technology for blood tests, then launched the company with a wave of publicity that would make Donald Trump and Steve Jobs envious: Business magazine cover stories, a New Yorker profile, a ... Disruptive technology indeed. The problem is that Theranos is
October 2020

Millennials, the same doctors in a changed environment

You can look back almost a century and find stories of professors saying, ‘Young doctors these days, they love all this new technology, like the X-ray or the complete blood ... As for the differences surrounding technology, he said that medical
October 2016

Regents hear two sides of applying medical home concept

Our organization put in a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of technology,” he added. ... Baron. He sees the best chance for the PCMH to really happen, however, not in new technology, but the people who will use it.
October 2009

Big data and the bog of information

In other cases, though, recreational devices can provide the first alert to an undiagnosed condition, said David Slotwiner, MD, chief of the division of cardiology at New York-Presbyterian Queens. ... At this point, the heart monitoring data produced by
September 2018

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