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Meld intuition with deliberation to sidestep diagnostic trap

Both kinds of thinking are critical in medicine. Dr. Hartzband. Lynn Bentson, FACP, of the Albany Internal Medicine Group in Albany, Ore., submitted a case that illustrates the importance of combining ... The patient insisted vehemently that he was not
March 2009

Letters to the Editor

Readers consider Mindful Medicine's cautionary tale about The Blindmen and the Elephant, in which subspecialists each consider a diagnosis within their own field instead of seeing the entire diagnostic picture. ... I read the most recent Mindful Medicine
June 2010

The ‘truth’ about vitamin D

Also in this issue, our latest Mindful Medicine column, Jerome Groopman, FACP, and Pamela Hartzband, FACP, focus on the potential consequences of an uncertain diagnosis in this case, metastatic cancer that ... We're always looking for more cases to
November 2009

Learn where to look for celiac disease

This issue features the latest installment of Mindful Medicine, by Jerome Groopman, FACP, and Pamela Hartzband, FACP. ... If you have suggestions for future story topics, or cases to suggest for our Mindful Medicine column, e-mail us.
April 2010

It's just old age—or is it? Don't be guided by stereotypes

Chandra said. Finding time to listen to the patient and to obtain input from others, like family and caretakers, is difficult in today's practice of medicine. ... Chandra has become particularly attentive to language. As we saw in a prior Mindful
May 2009

Combining education and advocacy at Internal Medicine 2008

This issue highlights events at Internal Medicine 2008, the College's annual meeting. ... Also, read the latest installment of Mindful Medicine with Jerome Groopman, FACP, and Pamela Hartzband, FACP.
July 2008

Internists as team physicians keep their heads in the game

This month we take an inside look at internists practicing in a field of medicine that's just a little bit different from the norm. ... This issue marks the final installment of Mindful Medicine, the column on medical decision making that Jerome Groopman,
October 2011

Editor's Note: Family ties help close the generation gap

Also in this issue, look for a preview of events at Internal Medicine 2008 to be held in Washington, D.C. ... We have received many responses to our new columns, Ethical Dilemmas by Lachlan Forrow, FACP, and Mindful Medicine by Jerome Groopman, FACP, and
April 2008

Time is a hurdle on path to right diagnosis

Remember, you can submit your most memorable cases of missed or challenging diagnoses to our Mindful Medicine columnists, Jerome Groopman, FACP, and Pamela Hartzband, FACP, for consideration in future columns.
March 2009

Social networking is a hit but will it change practice?

But how will it impact on the way they practice medicine? ... Mueller, FACP, or a challenging case study suggestion for Jerome Groopman, FACP, and Pamela Hartzband, FACP's next Mindful Medicine column?
April 2009

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