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ADHD drug study swerves way off course

Mental Health), but pay close attention to the study's many limitations.
July 2020

One physician's journey to direct primary care, a burnout tale

The fourth aim involves health care workers health, especially mental health. ... As he writes:. Improving the care of individual patients, bettering the health of populations, and lowering health care expenses—that covers everything, right?
July 2020

Personalizing medicine, past reductionism

So, the first tier of hierarchical personalization is holistic. I have the 6 key domains of importance to lifestyle medicine in mind: social connections and relationships; stress and mental health; sleep; ... president of the non-profit Turn the Tide
July 2020

Cyberchondria rising, or can we call it 'Googlitis'?

Cyberchondria is an unfounded health concern that develops upon searching the Internet for information about symptoms or a disease. ... She shares her ideas on education, ethics in medicine, health care news and culture.
July 2020

How the Internet hijacks medical science

the Internet is a double-edged sword when it comes to health information. ... For example, an autism "epidemic" suddenly exists when a wide range of childhood mental health diagnoses are all reclassified as part of an autism spectrum.
July 2020

Dealing with cyclic vomiting syndrome given how little is known about the condition

CVS and mental health diagnoses. ... This post by Liam Yore, MD, appeared at Get Better Health, a network of popular health bloggers brought together by Val Jones, MD.
July 2020

Obamacare: not getting your way is no excuse to lose your mind

Here are some potential benefits:. --As insurance reform rather than health care reform, it should unify conservatives and liberals. ... I'm hoping for mental health care parity so these folks can learn that not getting your way is not an excuse to lose
July 2020

Mission and purpose can counter feelings of burnout

Residents are burnt out more than those of us in practice and often enter the profession with better mental health than their peers. ... Ana María López, MD, MPH, FACP, ACP's President for 2018-2019, is associate vice president for Health Equity and
June 2018

High-risk profession: suicide rate of U.S. doctors is one per day

March 30th is the birthday of Vincent van Gogh, born in Holland in 1853, a famous painter and also great letter-writer. His letters were liv...
July 2020

QD--News Every Day: Crowded ERs, but empty staff lounges

funds to local mental-health programs. ... Architects who specialize in health care facilities are calling for an immediate start to a long-term building campaign.
July 2020

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