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Probiotic pros and cons

We have evidence that they can be used to fight dangerous infections, and perhaps even protect mental health. ... president of the non-profit Turn the Tide Foundation; and formerly the Director of Medical Studies in Public Health at the Yale School of
September 2019

Patient satisfaction / physician dissatisfaction

You may be surprised to learn that how you rate them may affect their pay, their mental health, and even possibly your health.
September 2019

Suffering and its expression in psychiatric and medical disease

Stephen Ginn, MD, a psychiatrist for BMJ , recently tweeted an interesting article about explanations and suffering written by Jon Jureidini...
September 2019

QD: News Every Day--Methadone's mortality risks far outweigh its rate of prescribing

The CDC recommender that health care providers follow guidelines for prescribing methadone and other prescription painkillers correctly, including:. ... screening and monitoring for substance abuse and mental health problems. --prescribing only the
September 2019

QD: News Every Day--Women who drink moderately, regularly may age better

higher chance of successful ageing, defined as being free of 11 major chronic diseases and having no major cognitive, physical or mental health limitations at age 70. ... If nondrinkers survived, they had lower health-related quality-of-life scores on
September 2019

Telemedicine, e-doctors and getting paid for the work

Or what health care people call reimbursement. Our current system rewards in-person visits in a fee-for-service model. ... In mental health, where resources are often in short supply, telemedicine has taken on an increasing role in doctor-patient virtual
September 2019

Transitional care can be effective, underused

Among the intensive management services used, patients randomized to intensive management frequently required social services and mental health services, Dr. ... Changes in health care costs and mortality associated with transitional care management
November 2018

Practice hassles have more docs going locum

But just a few weeks before, he had been covering a low-pressure schedule at a mental health institute in Virginia. ... So. The lifestyle has its downsides, however, Dr. So noted.“ There are no health benefits.
May 2009

Risks overstated for antidepressants and suicides

This post originally appeared at Everything Health. Toni Brayer, MD, FACP, is an ACP Internist editorial board member who blogs at EverythingHealth, designed to address the rapid changes in science, medicine, ... health and healing in the 21st Century.
September 2019

QD: News Every Day--Human brains consistent despite other racial differences

axis. Each dot represents a comparison between two individuals. The research appeared in the Journal Nature and was described by the National Institutes of Health in a press release. ... periods. Sex differences in the risk for certain mental disorders
September 2019

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