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New thinking about Alzheimer's diagnosis

Day. For example, findings from a large study of more than 11,000 Medicare beneficiaries with MCI or dementia suggested that physicians often change their treatment plans in response to amyloid
November 2019

Medicare, many insurers announce coding rules for H1N1

Q: How should I bill Medicare and Medicaid for the H1N1 immunization costs? ... Under Medicare, H1N1 administration claims will be processed using the diagnosis V04.81 (influenza).
November 2009

Helping hands come from the community

Some demonstration projects funded by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation have incorporated community health workers.
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--Congress patches Medicare payments, now tries Medicaid

QD: News Every Day--Congress patches Medicare payments, now tries Medicaid. Having temporarily patched Medicare reimbursement until Nov. ... And Medicare will tack on a 6.1% cut on Jan. 1.
January 2020

Review Medicare incentive and penalty programs for 2013

Many Medicare programs offer incentives for e-prescribing or quality reporting, or have penalties for failing to comply. ... The bonus payments and adjustments are assessed as a percentage of total allowed charges covered by the Medicare Part B Physician
February 2013

Clarifying CPT codes for observation, admission, discharge

The Medicare eight-hour minimum rule for observation status pertains to same-date admission and discharge only. ... The full Medicare observation care services' billing rules are listed in the Medicare Claims Processing Manual, Chapter 12.
September 2009

Flexible plans for ICD-10 implementation

30, 2016, and will apply to Medicare Part B fee-for-service claims. ... For questions related to billing ICD-10 Medicare fee-for-service claims, consult CMS's Frequently Asked Questions.
October 2015

Setting the record straight on MACRA

Long before MACRA, physicians have had their Medicare payments linked to measures of quality and value. ... While such “budget-neutral” redistribution creates challenges, it's better than letting Medicare keep the money.
July 2016

Prepare for Recovery Audit Contractors as they come online

Medicare has multiple programs in place to detect and correct claims payment errors. ... by 2010. CMS set up the RACs to detect and resolve past payment errors in Medicare fee-for-service claims.
June 2009

Hospitals work with admitting doctors on documentation

Q: Will Medicare apply this same concept to impose some limitations on payments to in-office physicians? ... Q: Is Medicare considering a dramatic change that would increase the number of ICD-9 codes?
October 2008

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