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Death of the stethoscope? : ACP Internist

I felt a little sad when I read the “perspective” piece in the New England Journal of Medicine about the introduction of point-of-care ultr...

The DIE-t order : ACP Internist

The start of a new academic medicine year reminds me of the initial shock of being an intern. My first rotation was ambulatory medicine and ...

Imperturbability, preparation for internal medicine's future | ACP Internist

Student well-being and resiliency should be part and parcel of medical training, and this lifelong learning will help them overcome some of the burnout issues facing medicine today.

Competence : ACP Internist

I train doctors. In my role as a residency program director, I have three major responsibilities: 1) Recruiting: find and hire medical schoo...

Build your own ultrasound-guided thoracentesis simulator | ACP Internist

The use of bedside, portable diagnostic ultrasound devices by nonradiologists is increasing, because of both maturing, more affordable technology and evidence supporting improved patient safety and process efficiency.

Medical home model might be health care's next great change | ACP Internist

The patient-centered medical home might be health care next transformational innovation, one that will allow primary care to survive and thrive.

Safe prescribing can lessen overdose risk | ACP Internist

In what one commentator called an “appalling” finding, 90% of patients in a recent study admitted to a hospital with a prescription opioid overdose eventually received another opioid prescription##mdash;often from the same clinician. Efforts to

What can the audience expect from Congress' second act? | ACP Internist

Congress' dysfunction has led to record-low approval ratings of 11%, and continued delays in resolving issues important to physicians, such as reimbursement and medical education.

Alzheimer's patients prepare, enlighten future physicians | ACP Internist

A mentoring program pairs Alzheimer's patients with medical students to heighten students' awareness of the skills and strengths of Alzheimer's patients and familiarize them with related care and communication issues.

Learning to learn: Simulators are easy, inexpensive to make | ACP Internist

There's no need to spend hundreds of dollars on learning simulators when they can be made with supplies that cost pocket change and a few hours of time. Examples from the Herbert S. Waxman Clinical Skills Center provide step-by-step instructions for

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