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The first book in the series, to be published in 2010, will be a collection of vignettes about unforgettable moments in medical education, described by teachers or learners. ... chronic care model and to implement quality improvement plans in a medical
January 2009


And that was when I knew. This medical student looked like me. ... Kimberly Manning, MD, FACP is an associate professor of medicine at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia where she teaches medical students and residents at Grady
September 2019

Nominees named for ACP Officers and Regent positions

Strengths, based on training and experience: Quality improvement, performance assessment and management, public policy, and medical education. ... Strengths, based on training and experience: medical education, publications, training and research;
November 2008

Social docs

This week thought leaders are coming from around the nation to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to discuss the question, "What is the social mission of medical education in the 21st century?". ... Dr. Schumann is a general internist. His blog, GlassHospital, seeks to
September 2019

Business experts urge small-practice doctors to take action

the coast but not here yet,” said Michael Barr, MD, MBA, FACP, senior vice president of medical practice, professionalism and quality for ACP, which co-sponsored the medical education event with ... the Institute for Continuing Healthcare Education and
May 2013

It's tough to navigate return from cancer care to primary care

PCPs can't access the oncology medical records and it is more difficult for an oncologist to follow up with a PCP.”. ... This includes increasing the availability of evidence-based guidelines on cancer survivorship, providing additional opportunities
November 2011

Use caution when seeking medical information online

Researching medical knowledge online involves knowing three different types of resources, summary sites, society sites and primary literature. ... Arora, who focuses on medical education, quality improvement and patient safety in her work.
July 2011

The DIE-t order

ACP Member Mike Aref, MD, PhD, is an academic hospitalist with an interest in basic and clinical science and education, with interests in noninvasive monitoring and diagnostic testing using novel bedside ... imaging modalities, diagnostic reasoning,
September 2019

Game changer

Couple new initiatives like this with ongoing efforts to reform medical education, and one gets hopeful that we can change health care to become smarter, more compassionate, and achieve better results. ... Dr. Schumann is a general internist. His blog,
September 2019


We must thin out the electronic medical record of redundant or inaccurate diagnoses while updating it with new history. ... imaging modalities, diagnostic reasoning, medical informatics, new medical education modalities, pre-code/code management,
September 2019

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