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Measurement does not capture the culture of medical education

Medical education does not succeed through spoon feeding. Medical education succeeds when with excellent role models. ... But do they capture passion. Yes, passion is critical to success in medical education.
July 2020

ACP releases survey results about telehealth technology availability, use among internists | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

They also expressed concerns about patients having access to the needed technology, and the potential for medical errors. ... Vice President for Medical Education.
April 2019

Internship reflects how patient care guides medical education

Perhaps equally important, however, our close patient interactions frequently produce perspectives and relationships that, for all the suffering and death, and the challenging medical and social situations, allow us to participate ... But before pushing
July 2013

Graduate medical education and the new accreditation system

Residency program directors serve an intimidating number of masters, leading them to worry about the “go-live” of the new accreditation system for graduate medical education. ... locked into place when Medicare was enacted in 1965, with its provision
June 2013

HIPAA inhibits medical education through case studies

HIPAA inhibits medical education through case studies. It was an interesting tweet that referenced a soon-to-be-published case report from the Annals of Emergency Medicine (via @EmergencyDocs) that piqued ... But details about cases may need to be very
July 2020

Four Ts to transforming medical education: Trust, time, teams and technology

So, how does medical education need to transform? In more ways than one, it turns out. ... Technology. There was a lot of discussion about technology to boost medical education.
July 2020

Graduate Medical Education: successes despite challenges

Graduate Medical Education: successes despite challenges. In a post a few days ago, Dr. ... This post originally appeared at Mired in MedEd, where he blogs about medical education.
July 2020

What peers are made of and why it matters to medical education

Amid the busyness of residency training, one thing quickly becomes clear: A majority of our education comes from our peers. ... Conferences, didactics, individual reading and simulations all have discrete places within graduate medical education.
January 2013

The role of a lifetime in medical education

According to Dr. Hoellein, the role of the standardized patient in medical education is likely to expand, with a focus on compentency-based medical education. ... Wearable technology is designed to go on top of a live person and simulate certain medical
April 2018

‘Digitally native’ learners will change medical education

the very spirit of continuing medical education. ... Students and residents are often far more adept at navigating electronic medical records than full-time practitioners.
March 2015

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