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Letters to the Editor Readers respond to the ACP Internist cover story that questioned the value of the annual physical exam. ... Yul Ejnes, FACP. Cranston, R.I. EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. Ejnes is a College Regent and chair of
March 2010

Letters to the Editor Opinions on pharmacy benefit managers, imaging, ethics and primary care. ... The escalating volume of PBM letters and facsimiles into our offices, demanding attention, interferes with our ability to
July 2008

Letters to the Editor Readers respond with challenges to the need for Maintenance of Certification, debate on the value of accountable care organizations and electronic health records, ... Dr. Baron's predecessor at ABIM,
September 2013

Disorder or disease? Semantics of obesity

To the Editor: The article “Understand Obesity before Treating It” in the June 2021 ACP Internist concludes with the statement, “Obesity is a chronic disease, which requires lifelong treatment.” I wish ... This would push public policy measures
October 2021

Letter to the Editor

I've always believed that patients should have the right to make medical decisions about their own lives. ... But 2 major concerns have combined to change my opinion about remaining the doctor for patients who refuse to follow my advice.
May 2014

New insulin questioned; carbon emission price proposed Readers address insulin dosing and propose going further on climate change. ... Editor's note: Drs. Karl and Mahoney write on behalf of the Tucson and Contra Costa Chapters of the Citizens' Climate
September 2016

More on the ‘P word’ A reader responds to a recent column on the term “primary care provider.”. ... Our focus has shifted to typing and clicking instead of the eye contact fundamental for connecting with our patients.
January 2020

Recording patient visits questioned

Given our propensity to share personal information, I shudder to think of where the details of the clinical encounter might end up. ... While this notion may have obvious appeal to the generation raised on social media, it speaks volumes to the rest of us
June 2018

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