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New internal medicine residency gains foothold in Nepal

The mission of Patan Hospital is to provide quality, compassionate health care to everyone who comes to the hospital, regardless of their ability to pay,” he said. ... In addition, writing will be a crucial skill for the new internal medicine residents,
April 2018

Readers respond on narrative medicine, low-dose aspirin

In order to improve on the present, one needs an enviable alternate reality. ... The “low dose” used in all the studies is not really low dose, according to the original past work of Drs.
May 2019

Readers weigh in on ACP's meaning, ‘nonspecific’ back pain

Like Dr. López's parents, I immigrated to the United States, a few years after graduating from Honduras Medical School, which had a very rigorous eight-year program, with emphasis in ... The uncritical acceptance of a 50-year-old concept needs
July 2018

Letters to the Editor Readers respond about malpractice. It is disappointing that the ACP InternistWeekly headline “Most doctors sued for malpractice never pay a claim” [Aug. ... 23 edition] is similar to that of the
October 2011

Letters to the Editor Readers respond about team care. After reading the October 2010 issue of ACP Internist, I found somewhat striking and disturbing the inconsistency between ... Ralston and Mr. Doherty, has great
February 2011

Letters to the Editor

She writes that it took more than three weeks to get used to the system, an indicator that something was dreadfully wrong with training and post go-live support. ... Physicians must be involved in the design phase early on to avoid the issues she mentions
January 2012

Letters to the Editor Readers respond to previous coverage about mergers of large insurance companies, and with concerns about our coverage of complementary care. ... Brian Berman, MD, properly pointed out in Ms. Durkin's
April 2016

Letters to the Editor A reader laments that changes in health care result in physicians no longer knowing their patients as well as they used to, but ... To be able to participate in the whole life cycle of our patients
November 2012

Letters to the Editor Readers consider Mindful Medicine's cautionary tale about The Blindmen and the Elephant, in which subspecialists each consider a diagnosis within their own ... The principles of anchoring and
June 2010

Letters to the Editor Readers respond to ACP Internist's coverage about how handling durable medical equipment requests poses problems to their practices. ... But patients feel they are entitled to the shoes because
September 2014

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