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Mandate puts e-prescribing on front burner

By Janet Colwell, Editor. ... The handling of the case illustrates how “diagnosis momentum” can cloud the path to a right diagnosis, according to Drs.
September 2008

Climate change and consultation training

It is usually appropriate for consultants to explain to the patient what they have found and what recommendations they will make to the referring physician. ... If consultants have not yet discussed their findings with the patient, it's appropriate to do
January 2017

Letters to the Editor

23 edition] is similar to that of the AP report on the excellent New England Journal of Medicine article on malpractice claims in the U.S. ... This is an extreme disservice to practicing physicians. James E. Ramage Jr., MD, FACP.
October 2011

Letters to the Editor

To be able to participate in the whole life cycle of our patients is a great privilege and a great joy. ... How that diminishes the role of the doctor and the experience of the patient!
November 2012

Letter to the Editor

Regarding the article “War dilemmas put medical ethics under fire” (ACP Internist, July/Aug 2008), the two cases presented should not pose ethical dilemmas to any physician. ... back to yard, to hospital etc., using best medical practices and
September 2008

Alaska's shrinking primary care pool reflects national crisis

By Janet Colwell, Editor. ... be treated to the same cardiovascular goals as diabetes.
October 2008

Readers weigh in on bedside skills, health care costs

I would like to applaud Jack Ende, MD, MACP, for recent comments about his “back to the bedside” initiative in the President's Message in the June 2017 ACP Internist. ... More troubling is the thought that the uninsured, without an insurer to
September 2017

Letters to the Editor

I was particularly bothered by the article's mention of “energy medicine” and “healing touch,” as this might suggest to some that these practices are of value. ... Brian Berman, MD, properly pointed out in Ms. Durkin's article “that there are
April 2016

Letters to the Editor

Ralston and Mr. Doherty, has great potential to viably provide the types of care described in these articles. ... I encourage you to consider including this reality in future articles in ACP Internist.
February 2011

Letter to the Editor

Dr. Cooke refers to as our “social contract” with patients. Maintaining our certification reflects a commitment to our patients and to the profession that we know what we need to know ... Cooke emphasizes the need for physicians to receive feedback
January 2014

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