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He then joined faculty at the University of Maryland, eventually becoming professor and chairman of the infectious disease department. ... He was an author or co-author of more than 160 scientific papers and book chapters related to these topics and a
January 2012

Primary care takes on opioid addiction

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that using medications to treat opioid use disorder increases retention in treatment programs and decreases overdose, drug use, infectious disease transmission, and criminal activity. ... Dr. Wakeman likened
October 2017

Strength in numbers: building influence through coalitions

Our relationships with various subspecialty societies are also a priority. Interactions with organizations such as the Renal Physicians Association, Endocrine Society, the Infectious Disease Society, the American Society of Allergy, Asthma,
February 2009

Treatment for diverticulitis revisited

This means that physicians believe this to be an infectious disease, like strep throat, caused by bacteria. ... The classic understanding of this disease was that this was a bacterial infection in the wall of the colon.
July 2020


He also contributed greatly to AIDS care in Africa, founding the Infectious Disease Institute and Academic Alliance Foundation, which together have trained nearly 2,000 African health care providers in AIDS ... He served as president of the Infectious
January 2008

MKSAP Quiz: Skin eruption after tick removal

This question can be found in MKSAP 16 in the Infectious Disease section, item 23. ... Intravenous ceftriaxone is reserved for patients with cardiac or neurologic manifestations of disseminated Lyme disease.
June 2014

8 ways that members can guide College activities

They also require office infrastructure and workflow, along with clinical nurse managers to manage acute and chronic disease. ... They are serious and include heat-related effects, drought and disruption of food supply, flooding and infectious disease,
March 2017

Internal medicine can slow climate change, improve health

Vector-borne and water-borne infectious disease. Rising temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, and other climate drivers could create hospitable environments for mosquitoes and ticks that carry diseases such as dengue, Lyme,
July 2016

Clarity of vision sets the stage for ACP's work

other infectious disease; food insecurity; and mental illness are present today. ... Our vulnerable patients with chronic disease, the poor, the young, and the aged are most at risk.
May 2016

E-consults can empower, burden physicians

Primary care physicians may best e-consult with subspecialists in endocrinology, infectious disease, neurology, and rheumatology, because the questions asked are more typically about specific test results and are less likely ... It can cause a lot of
October 2018

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