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Dialing it up to 11

1 of only 4 such facilities in the United States, according to Ribner—to treat such a contagious disease… The isolation unit was created 12 years ago in conjunction with experts ... Daniel J. Diekema, MD, FACP, practices infectious diseases, clinical
August 2019

For every rule, an exception

in seminal fluid for up to 101 days, and infectious virus up to 82 days, and in 1968 the sexual transmission of Marburg virus was reported 13 weeks into convalescence). ... Scientists detected the genetic material of Ebola from a semen sample the
August 2019


He also contributed greatly to AIDS care in Africa, founding the Infectious Disease Institute and Academic Alliance Foundation, which together have trained nearly 2,000 African health care providers in AIDS ... He served as president of the Infectious
January 2008

The story of two little pigs

Not surprisingly, flu was a major topic of the IDSA meeting. I'll be writing a full article about the information presented, but in the mean...
August 2019

Move over London, here comes Flint

Apparently, there was not another case-control study used in infectious disease epidemiology until 1940. ... Eli N. Perencevich, MD, ACP Member, is an infectious disease physician and epidemiologist in Iowa City, Iowa, who studies methods to halt the
August 2019

A polio survivor in pictures

Poliomyelitis is a contagious viral disease that affects nerves and can lead to paralysis. ... It was one of the most feared infections worldwide. Modern polio vaccination has almost wiped out the disease.
August 2019

What I learned from Ebola

Mandates for all hospitals to have infectious disease trained hospital epidemiologists should be considered. ... New models for compensation of infectious diseases physicians must be developed to encourage young physicians to pursue training in our field.
August 2019

Screening, decolonization and environmental decontamination for MRSA in nursing homes doesn't work

In any case, as I said last week about the study in Clinical Infectious Diseases, congratulations to the authors and journal (this time ICHE) for publishing this important negative study. . ... Eli N. Perencevich, MD, ACP Member, is an infectious disease
August 2019

Not just another guideline

Not just another guideline. The updated antibiotic stewardship guideline has been released, and is available at the Clinical Infectious Diseases website, and in pocket card and mobile versions. ... Diekema, MD, FACP, practices infectious diseases,
August 2019

My milk manifesto

There is a real risk of infectious disease with raw milk, and no established benefit. ... David L. Katz, MD, FACP, MPH, FACPM, is an internationally renowned authority on nutrition, weight management, and the prevention of chronic disease, and an
August 2019

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