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Medical fright: Ebola

Amidst the clatter of the Middle East, children fleeing danger to come across our borders, and lawsuits against the White House, there’s thi...
August 2019

Can we stop the superbugs?

Staff writer Mollie Durkin offers more tips from experts on managing this growing problem, as well as a comprehensive overview of the biggest emerging threats on the infectious disease radar.
May 2017

Larry the vomit simulator

Reuters recently had an article on Larry, a humanoid simulated vomiting system, which is used to analyze the effect of norovirus environmen...
August 2019

Medical news of the obvious

Media coverage affects how people perceive the threat of infectious disease. ... As opposed to people just going out and conducting their own field research about all the infectious disease in the world.
August 2019


James A. Curtin, MD, MACP. James A. Curtin, MD, MACP, a former Regent and an infectious disease specialist, died on March 5, 2015, at the age of 89.
April 2015

Mandated flu vaccines may be ‘new norm’ in health care

said. For many health care organizations and infectious disease specialists, the reasons for mandating the yearly vaccine are compelling. ... program was implemented in 2008, according to an article about the policy in Clinical Infectious Diseases in 2010
October 2015

What's new in ACP Hospitalist

June's issue of ACP Hospitalist features articles on ICU glucose control, Internal Medicine 2009 highlights of the hospitalist track, and MKSAP questions on infectious diseases. ... Part B (dermatology, endocrinology and metabolism, general internal
July 2009

The power of habit

While on the infectious disease consult service last week, I walked out of a patient's room, and wiped down my stethescope.
August 2019

Preventing shingles

At this time the CDC has not recommended routine vaccination of this age group, which is likely related to lower disease incidence (about 4.6% annually in 50-year-olds, compared ... However, given the lower disease prevalence and risk in this population
August 2019

Goodbye triclosan and triclocarban

Goodbye triclosan and triclocarban. Back when I was an infectious disease fellow, I completed a national survey (along with Anthony Harris) of the availability of tricolsan and triclocarban containing antibacterial soaps. ... Eli N. Perencevich, MD, ACP
August 2019

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