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Drugs come up short for doctors, patients

After reviewing the patient's lab results and consulting with an infectious disease specialist, Dr.
May 2012

Indian Health Service reaches across borders within the U.S.

Jonathan Iralu, MD, FACP, an infectious disease physician, and Maricruz Merino, MD, ACP Member, both trained at Brigham and Women's Hospital and now work with clinicians there as part of ... We have a disproportionate amount of diabetes among our patient
March 2012

Test responsibly

I got a heads up the other day that our organization had been dissed by a CNN reporter who was frustrated by her inability to get tested for...
November 2021

Genetic tests are being used more, and they're worth it

Not true. In fact, infectious disease holds that distinction, likely because of the high volume of these relatively low-cost tests. ... Overall, physicians expressed a relatively low level of confidence in their ability to interpret molecular diagnostic
May 2012

A tasty potential solution to recurrent Clostridium difficile

Bakken, MD, FACP, an infectious disease specialist and clinical associate professor at the University of Minnesota, they have already tried almost everything. ... difficile as fecal transplant, Dr. Bakken concluded when he published his results in the
October 2014

New info on common outpatient infections

Ajit P. Limaye, MD, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Washington, updated attendees on new recommendations and evidence for the treatment of several infections commonly seen in outpatient care. ... infectious disease specialist Ajit P.
July 2008

White coat vote

There's been a flurry of media around the topic recently: At various infectious diseases society meetings, many member physicians have been advocating for a change in our white coat culture — ... Philip Lederer, an infectious diseases doctor in Boston,
November 2021

New antibiotics may change inpatient skin infection treatment

Chambers, MD, FACP, a professor of infectious disease at the University of California San Francisco and an author of the IDSA guidelines. ... Hirschmann, MD, a professor of medicine and an infectious disease specialist at the University of Washington in
October 2014


He also contributed greatly to AIDS care in Africa, founding the Infectious Disease Institute and Academic Alliance Foundation, which together have trained nearly 2,000 African health care providers in AIDS ... He served as president of the Infectious
January 2008

Don't drink the water

ACP Internist's latest cover article describes the potential environmental impact of disposing of drugs down the drain and into the water s...
November 2021

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