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New vaccines, recommendations can make keeping up a chore

In addition to vaccines for herpes zoster, hepatitis B, and many other diseases, physicians can now offer a high-dose influenza vaccine to certain elderly patients, the human papillomavirus vaccine to
September 2013

MKSAP Quiz: 7-year history of plaques

Complements. (C3 and C4) Normal. Creatinine. 1.8 mg/dL (159 µmol/L). Hepatitis B antibody profile. ... Additionally, cryoglobulinemic vasculitis is associated with hepatitis C virus infection, which is not present in this patient.
March 2018

Well visits not just for kids anymore

Diabetes: fasting blood glucose twice a year for high-risk patients. Immunizations: influenza annually, a hepatitis B series for high-risk patients, pneumococcus once, and shingles once (but paid under Part
June 2011

Changes made to opioid prescribing information

A boxed warning cautions that patients coinfected with hepatitis B should add additional treatment for their hepatitis B or consider a different drug regimen.
June 2019

New management for asthma flare-ups

In contrast, new therapies for hepatitis C are estimated at $20,000 per quality-adjusted life-year, according to Dr.
March 2019

Time to curb the rising costs of prescription drugs

more brand-name drugs, more specialty drugs for the treatment of cancer or hepatitis C, more drugs for diabetes and heart disease, and more genetically tailored drug therapy.
October 2016

Planned safe injection site aims to curb overdose deaths

Farley, who co-chaired the Opioid Task Force. “This is what she came up with: one to 18 cases of HIV, 15 to 213 cases of hepatitis C, and, most important, ... desired, and nurses and other trained staff would offer additional services, such as on-site
January 2020

MKSAP Quiz: 6-week history of blisters

It may also develop in patients with chronic hepatitis C infection and hemochromatosis. ... Porphyria cutanea tarda, which may develop from extensive alcohol use, hemochromatosis, or hepatitis C virus infection, presents with skin fragility and small,
September 2017

Make the most of time spent at Internal Medicine 2014

If you are going to “New Therapies for Hepatitis B and C” and your buddy is going to “Practical Orthopedics—The Knee,” send each other out with questions.
March 2014

Breaking barriers to buprenorphine

Treating addiction in primary care also allows physicians to screen for other substance use-related health problems, such as hepatitis C and HIV, another crisis that involved needles and a stigmatized
September 2018

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