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How internal medicine attendings can incorporate basic sciences

Systolic heart failure, home oxygen, the serum ascites albumin gradient, lactic acidosis and the use of biventricular pacing all benefit from a basic science understanding.
September 2019

Lessons learned by studying sore throats for 35 years

Two great examples come to mind– Helicobacter pylori causing ulcer disease and beta-blockers treating systolic heart failure.
September 2019

QD: News Every Day--Congress patches Medicare payments, now tries Medicaid

diabetes and heart failure at the medical College of Wisconsin.
September 2019

Compression of disability should be everyone's health goal

2. Excess alcohol. Modest alcohol probably helps, but too much alcohol can cause liver disease, heart failure, chronic pancreatitis and brain damage (and this list is probably incomplete). ... Some data suggest that exercise has a U-shaped curve; excess
September 2019

How bedside ultrasound was awesome last week

It was not clear how well he took his medication at home, but he was known to have congestive heart failure. ... The bedside ultrasound ruled out tamponade and showed that his heart failure was in pretty good control.
September 2019

Was granny sent home from the hospital too soon?

For example, if a patient with congestive heart failure is sent home, but then returns 2 weeks later with worsening heart failure, then the hospital will lose money.
September 2019

QD: News Every Day--IMGs, iPads and medical education

The study looked at 244,153 hospitalizations of patients with congestive heart failure or acute heart attack in Pennsylvania.
September 2019

QD: News Every Day--Insurance status affects length of stay for some hospitalized patients

obstructive pulmonary disease; bacterial pneumonia; asthma; congestive heart failure; hypertension; angina; cellulitis; diabetes; hypoglycemia; gastroenteritis and dehydration; and kidney and urinary infections.
September 2019

Bariatric surgery device linked to deaths

heart block that do not require electric shock or pacemaker therapy, serious episodes of heart block and Adams-Stokes attacks, congestive heart failure, cardiogenic shock, and other serious issues.
October 2017

Old Fangak, South Sudan, bedside ultrasound and other stuff

Probably not, but it's worth a try. There were children with signs of heart failure due to ventricular septal defects and a young woman as well, probably with an atrial ... The ultrasound also showed normal heart function, an abnormal left lung and
September 2019

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