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Examining ethical dilemmas that occur in everyday practice

She has developed steadily progressive renal failure and is now admitted with volume overload, marked peripheral edema and congestive heart failure refractory to medical treatment.
January 2008

Internists should pursue innovative practice models

have diabetes, hypertension, and/or heart failure.
March 2013

Remote monitoring: Out of sight, right in line

An elderly woman with heart failure steps on a scale in her home. ... The biggest success we've had is with congestive heart failure, where we've been able to consistently show up to a 40% decrease in admissions,” said Dr.
March 2010

Keys to taking a neurological history

Samuels. At recent American Academy of Neurology meetings, he noted, neurologists who have become progressively more uncomfortable dealing with heart failure and hypertension sought out courses to better manage these conditions
July 2016

A neighborhood approach to better health

Georgia. For example, a heart failure patient perceived as noncompliant might instead lack the health literacy skills to understand his or her medications or have little to no access to decent ... Just recently, Dr. Feldman and residents on hospital
January 2016

Sleep disorders may be overlooked on exams

The poll also found that people diagnosed with at least one other medical condition, including arthritis, depression, or heart disease, were more likely than others to be at risk for RLS, ... Patients with comorbidities such as COPD, heart failure or
February 2012

Rosiglitazone controversy has internists scratching their heads

fluid retention that can lead to edema and congestive heart failure, or can worsen congestive heart failure; and more recently, an effect on bone density and some increase in risk of ... But many would prefer to add insulin at this point. When choosing
March 2008

HPV vaccination now impacts practice later

On other topics, a story looks at management of medications in patients with heart failure, and we preview the second edition of “Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine,” produced by ACP
February 2017

QD: News Every Day--Cardiologists should consider comorbidities, study says

For example, diabetes was a comorbidity in 41.7% of those with ischemic heart disease, 47.1% among heart failure patients, 37.1% in atrial fibrillation patients, and 41.5% in ... For example, 26.3% of heart failure patients had Alzheimer’s
January 2020

Metacognition and its impact on physician self-diagnosis

with the sensation that he was suffocating. He opened the hotel window and considered whether he might be having acute heart failure or a pulmonary embolus.
October 2012

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