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Why are we so terrible at hand hygiene?

Why are we so terrible at hand hygiene? Atul Gawande has a piece in the New Yorker titled “Slow Ideas” that asks why some innovations (and yes, the act of cleaning ... These simple observations are highly relevant to hand hygiene, an innovation that
August 2020

Same data, different conclusion

It has been shown in other studies that hand hygiene is lower prior to contact precautions. ... Hand hygiene before and after patient contact is an essential component of standard precautions.
August 2020

Questions for contact precautions eliminators

Is it that hand hygiene compliance of 34% to 57% is enough to halt all transmission? ... Do you feel similarly about hand hygiene - does hand hygiene not reduce transmission?
August 2020

What's new in ACP Hospitalist

Facemasks and Hand Hygiene to Prevent Influenza Transmission in Households: A Cluster Randomized Trial.
October 2009

It's time to kill MRSA exceptionalism

For nearly 2 decades, we've lived in a delusional state where many in the field of infection prevention somehow believed that methicillin-re...
August 2020

Deaths from alcohol hand rub fires: 0

Health care workers simply don't have the time to leave the room to practice hand hygiene after each contact with the environment or patient. ... Deaths from alcohol hand rub fires? 0. Changing state fire codes to allow alcohol hand rubs at the patient
August 2020

Causal opacity

Causal opacity also negatively impacts hand hygiene compliance. Imagine if you failed to wash your hands, examined a patient, and the infection in the patient manifested within seconds after touching the
August 2020

The power of habit

These activities are habits. The trick, of course, is for us to figure out how to get hand hygiene and stethoscope wipedown established as habits.
August 2020

Working together to stop superbugs

Good hand hygiene? Check. Judicious antimicrobial prescribing? Check. Following CDC recommendations? ... Unlike alcohol hand rub or regular soap and water, chlorhexidine binds to the proteins of the skin and continues to kill germs for about 24 hours, Dr.
February 2020

Removing C. difficile spores from hands

Evidence suggests that the mechanical friction of hand washing is the mechanism behind spore removal. ... However, is there a way to improve the friction when practicing hand hygiene?
August 2020

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