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Doctors with borders

So, ACP has developed seminal public policy papers on climate change and firearm violence, advocated on behalf of health insurance for all, and issued statements for LGBTQ rights and against ... For climate change and firearm safety, yes, but for domains
March 2018

QD: News Every Day--Physicians muzzled when talking to patients about guns

The Florida law is the antithesis of ACP's position on reducing injuries from firearms. ... One aspect of the policy states, "The College urges internists to inform patients about the dangers of keeping firearms, particularly handguns, in the home and to
September 2019

Government dysfunction: It's enough to make a grown man cry

1, 2015. Firearms injury prevention: Polls show the overwhelming majority of Americans support background checks to keep guns out of the hands of people who are likely to harm themselves or
October 2014

ACP's ‘Mission: Not Impossible’

Other issues include the future of graduate medical education funding and primary care; electronic medical records that enhance rather than detract from fluid and fulfilling patient care; firearms, global vaccination, and
April 2015

Improving the practice environment and payment reform

Recent examples of the former include our positions on reducing health care disparities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people; preventing injuries and deaths from firearms; and calling for immigration policies
November 2015

And so it begins: The long but not-so-lonely road

care; the influence and growth of ACP in other countries; public health concerns, including the sale and use of firearms; and other issues that may arise that are important to the
May 2014

ACP's ‘big tent’ advocacy agenda

Even if an individual member disagrees with ACP's stance on, say, addressing firearms violence, we likely are tackling other issues more aligned with that member's views. ... diseases; for developing new research on firearms injury prevention; and for
June 2017

Should doctors be banned from asking if a patient owns a gun?

What we don't want to do is have law-abiding firearm owners worried that the information is going to be recorded and then sent to their insurance company," he said. ... Also, as a gun owner I'm aware there are individuals and groups who want to do away
September 2019

Finding common ground

This is especially true today, when partisanship is near an all-time high, according to pollsters, with Democrats and Republicans holding diametrically opposed perspectives on everything from climate change to firearms
May 2018

Is more gun control the right prescription?

Here are some incontrovertible facts.• Mass murders committed by young males have become a new phenomenon in American life.• Individuals who should not be permitted to own a firearm can legally ... I know many gun owners. I understand their passion
September 2019

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