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Recalls target cold products, digoxin, defibrillators, diet aids

Topiramate, the first generic version of Topamax, to prevent seizures. Everolimus (Afinitor) oral tablets for patients whose advanced kidney cancer has progressed after treatment with other cancer therapies.
June 2009

Rapid blood test to detect MRSA

Delayed release valproic acid capsules (Stavzor) to treat manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder, epilepsy and migraine headaches. ... New prescribing information for desmopressin should include the risk of severe hyponatremia, seizures and
February 2008

Need grows for antimicrobial stewardship

best fit for local resistance patterns.
July 2015

Recall of generic drugs, acne cream; depression device OK'd

Unlike electroconvulsive therapy, it doesn't cause seizure or loss of consciousness.
January 2009

Safe prescribing can lessen overdose risk

Educate patients. Educate patients early so they understand how opioids do or don't fit into the care plan and how that relates to the pain they're experiencing.
October 2016

College Fellow's foundation helps support health care workers

would fit people with medical volunteerism overseas.
July 2014

Thinking about our thinking as physicians

The doctor then fits the history, physical findings and laboratory studies into a preset conception about that person, rather than weighing the information in a dispassionate way. ... column,“ What to do when one expects everything to fit, but it
October 2011

Retail clinics increasingly popular option

Our conference coverage is from the American Epilepsy Society's annual meeting, held in Philadelphia last December.
February 2016

The confusing world of EHR incentives

It's also best not to rush the selection process. Finding an EHR that fits a practice's workflows and documentation styles will have a far greater financial impact than the ... Physicians should take the time to conduct a diligent search of potential
May 2010

Annual ICD-9 diagnosis code revisions take effect in October

780.33 Post-traumatic seizures. 784.92 Jaw pain. 787.60 Full incontinence of feces.
October 2010

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