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Improving rural health takes effort, energy

It was only his second year of residency. After 3 years of practice, he said it's been an even better fit for him and his children, ages 6, 4, and
September 2015

Volunteer internists help to rebuild Haiti

Close said. “But by the time she came back two weeks later with her headache she had a seizure and died right in front of me.”.
May 2010

Mentoring and networking at IM 2008

Choose the events that best fit your needs and your schedule.
April 2008

New COPD treatment, warnings on insomnia and migraine drugs

Valproate products will remain in category D for treating epilepsy and manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder.
July 2013

Actavis recalls more than 60 generics, six flu vaccines OK'd

Divalproex sodium, the first generic version of Depakote delayed-release tablets to treat seizures, bipolar disorder and migraines.
October 2008

Bringing medicine to the streets

I manage a fair number of patients with seizure disorders because it takes a long time to get in to see a neurologist,” he said.
July 2019

A brave new world of consumer gene tests

A fit individual with no family history of cardiac disease, he was assigned a heart attack risk of 101%.
July 2009

The search for answers is in his blood (and yours)

Item I can't live without: I require daily carbamazepine (Tegretol) tablets to suppress temporal lobe seizures caused by a childhood head injury.
July 2009

Physicians step up as initiatives change nursing home care

There are health care guidelines that really don't fit the dementia population. ... We need to move away from the one-size-fits-all approach,” Dr. DuBeau said.
May 2015

Lessen the burdens of Medicare's home health requirements

To ease this burden and ensure that each form fits into the practice workflow, physician practices may develop their own standard form that includes the required information.
February 2012

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