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Physicians step up as initiatives change nursing home care

Hamilton added that dementia may require physicians to pick their battles when devising treatment plans.“ There are health care guidelines that really don't fit the dementia population. ... size-fits-all approach,” Dr.
May 2015

Lessen the burdens of Medicare's home health requirements

To ease this burden and ensure that each form fits into the practice workflow, physician practices may develop their own standard form that includes the required information.
February 2012

Toward a patient- and family-centered practice

Sometimes the simplest things make a huge difference. Within these plans, we have emergency care plans with information on how to treat seizures, respond to an Addisonian crisis, or treat a
May 2013

Array of symptoms can point to celiac

Strategy: Connect with a licensed registered dietitian who is up on celiac disease to develop successful strategies that fit with your socioeconomic situation.
April 2010

History is key after childhood disease

First, understand that the needs of these patients are different and that their care must be tailored to fit those needs.
September 2010

A brave new world of consumer gene tests

A fit individual with no family history of cardiac disease, he was assigned a heart attack risk of 101%.“ I called my wife and jokingly told her I might not be
July 2009

The search for answers is in his blood (and yours)

Item I can't live without: I require daily carbamazepine (Tegretol) tablets to suppress temporal lobe seizures caused by a childhood head injury.
July 2009

Debate ignites over safety of e-cigarettes

vaping.” Today, physicians are in a key position to help patients understand e-cigarettes and how they do or do not fit into a long-term smoking-cessation plan.
March 2014

Early interventions overlooked in OA

A physical therapist can perform an individualized evaluation to identify what sort of exercise poses less risk for a patient's joints and fits with his or her personality and lifestyle
May 2013

Concussions cause cognitive concerns

It's still unclear whether other long-term consequences of TBI might include elevated risk of epilepsy, dementia, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, Parkinson's disease, or suicide.
February 2019

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