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Emergency contraception drug, flu vaccines approved

A warning that the drug lamotrigine (Lamictal), approved to treat seizures and bipolar disorder, can cause aseptic meningitis.
October 2010

Primary care has growing role in colorectal cancer follow-up

Regular screening for other types of cancer can sometimes be overlooked by oncologists and is a good fit for primary care, said Alok Khorana, MD, FACP, director of gastrointestinal malignancies at
March 2016

ICD-10 changes looming amid a modern medical landscape

Does today's reality fit with the idea that physicians are incapable of finding the ICD-10 codes they need simply because there are more codes?
February 2015

Azithromycin gets warning, incretin mimetics investigated

This may lead to hemorrhaging or a seizure, as well as death.
May 2013

For hypertension, how low to go?

Krumholz said.“ It's wrong to impose a one-size-fits-all on any of this, especially when there is some uncertainty around the evidence,” he said.
April 2014

Generic pioglitazone, new HIV combination pill approved

Seizures occurred in approximately 1% of those taking the drug. The FDA is currently conducting a safety review of codeine after reports of children developing serious adverse effects or dying after
November 2012

Sports internists treat players as patients

Dr. Shah said her professional athletes tend to be fit, active, lean and motivated,“ and they for the most part adhere to the advice that you give them.
October 2011

Digging into the causes and fixes of resistant hypertension

Another novel option is neuromodulation, which has been used for refractory angina, pain management, Parkinson's disease, migraine, and epilepsy, Dr.
September 2016

FDA updates boxed warnings for rosiglitazone, other drugs

It can be used alone or with other medications to treat partial seizures.
January 2008

Recalls expanded on defibrillators, infusion pumps

tube may not fit securely within the endotracheal tube (ET) connector, possibly resulting in the product becoming disconnected from the patient ET tube.
July 2010

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